• When: 2018-10-09
  • QIC: Timber
  • The PAX: Hope Solo, Wojo, Heidi(Columbia), Gameplan, Cornwallis, Schrute, Crackhead, Schrute, Abby Wambach, Snooki, Sacajawea, Mayhem, Flight Risk, Tweetsie, Skidder, Skipper, Bolt, Dufresne, Stats, Timber

Keep It on Campus

Conditions:  72 degrees and Humid

Intro:  YHC pulled into the park at 5:20 and was pleasantly surprised to see Skidder ready to go after a long layoff with severe tennis elbow.  Welcome back my friend!  Mayhem showed up next after a 24 hr. layoff and the rest of the Pax appeared from the gloom around the one minute warning mark.  After running into problems with traffic, dogs, trash truck and fire ants his last Q; YHC decided to keep this workout entirely within the confines of the tennis courts.

Disclaimer:          Given


Imperial Walker                                IC            X             20

Windmill                              IC            X             15

SSH                                        IC            X             25

LBAC’s                                  IC            X             15

LBAC’s (reverse)              IC            X             15

Copperhead Squat          IC            x              15

The Thang:
          Tennis Court Ladders with Four Pain Stations

1st Ladder (Legs)

Station 1-             10 Squat Jumps

Station 2-             add 20 Reverse Lunges (Left Right=1)

Station 3-             add 30 Heel Raises

Station 4-             add 40 Monkey Humpers

(Then back down the ladder)

2nd Ladder (Arms)

Station 1-             10 Ranger Merkins

Station 2-             add 20 Carolina Dry Docks

Station 3-             add 30 Wide Arm Merkins

Station 4-             add 40 Alternating shoulder Taps (Left Right =1)

(Then back down the ladder)

3rd Ladder (Endurance)

Station 1-             10 Burpees

Station 2-             add 20 Butt Kickers (left right=1)

Station 3-             add 30 Mt. climbers (left right =1)

Station 4-             add 40 High Knees (Left Right =1)

(Then back down the ladder with the exception of replacing 20 butt Kickers for 30 BBSU’s on next to last stop)

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Announcements:             Welcome Heidi


Moleskin:            It was an honor to lead this fine group of men with great work from everyone as always.