• When: 2021-05-18
  • QIC: Dominion
  • The PAX: Black Betty, Escobar, Skidmark, Rec, Wee Wee, Tinker, Twerk, Chop Shop, Wanderer, Pole Dance, Keychain, Blue Bloods, Bogey Hemingway, Net Zero, Coop, Dominion

17 Help Celebrate 3 Years with Duck Duck Goose

YHC was lucky enough to celebrate 3 years in F3 on Tuesday. I’ve been truly blessed to be around a great group of men who have pushed me in many ways. Cheers to the men of F3 Surge and F3 Lexington!

Conditions: Clear and 60


My first workout on 5/15/18 was the flood. So we did a mosey around the flood route, stopping to do some warm ups along the way (after 3 burpees to start of course).

Warm ups included SSH, LBAC (Dont drop em), Airplane to next warm up, LBAC backwards (Dont drop em), airplane to next warm up, Imperial Walker.

Mosey to block pile then circle up on the basketball court. 

Duck Duck Goose – loser does 1 burpee. 

Pax do squats, CFG, OH press, and step ups when not Duck or goose. 

Return blocks. 
7, 60 yard sprints to close



Doughnut Run Friday (YUC Q)

Golf Sunday


Running Saturday and Sunday

Recs 2.0 in State Championship


Black Betty’s Buddy Matt

Black Betty’s other prayer request/Praise

Stuart Britt

Dominion’s Mom

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