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You got a Hub on your hands.

The YHC’s knew they could not fool anyone into believing that “Hub” was as actual PAX. Well, we did end up fooling Wino, but that isn’t hard to do. Wino told me this weekend that melting Jellybeans over your nipples will prevent chafing. You really need to check your sources dude.

YHC’s did end up having a lot of fun and Nub even got a mix-tape, probably from some lonely artist type.

In all seriousness, Nub, you stepped up over the last year to herd the madness of Smokehouse. You did an excellent job and I’m sure I speak for everyone at the AO when I say we loved and appreciated every minute of it.  Someone said in the message board YHC has some BIG shoes to fill. That is 100%, even though YHC doesn’t understand what Nub’s feet have to do with any of this.


Conditions: WAW (Warm and Wet)





Nubs turn:


Mosey to the far end of track and circle up.

6 x 1.3 = 73 or 78 for the gluttony of pain ya’ll so wonderfully included me in Saturday

***note 1.3 x 6 = 7.8, If you multiply by 10 for the number of runners from Smokehouse and Rooster then BAM you got 78…just saying)

SSH x 78 IC (sorry Wino the record is MINE for now)

Grab block and two bricks for 78 sec of AMRAP-Dirty Birds, OH claps, suicides, block over head and calf raises, curls for girls




Happy Trees turn:


Nub’s mix tape Side A:

-Monkey Humper Ring of fire. Everyone does Monkey Humpers while we circulate Smurf Jacks

Around to each PAX.  Round 1=1 Smurf Jack, Round 2=2 Smurf Jacks…all the way to 4.


Suicides (Cassette Player ate the tape, had to wind it back in)


Nub’s mix tape Side B:

-Everyone circle up and run in place. When you hear the whistle do a burpee. Each time you hear it again add 1 burpee. Run in place while waiting on the whistle. We went to 10 burpess.


One lap of the Smoker ( Bonus Track)




Mosey to Flag


Count O Rama

Name O Rama


Announce O Rama: Smokehouse is closed Saturday for Grow School Convergence at The Brickpile (Dreher High School) 7 am.  It will move to St. Johns Episcopal Church, Wheat Street, Columbia for breakfast and Grow School. It will wrap up around 11 am.


Prayer Requests:

Swayze’s M’s Family, Praise for Nub’s Grandmother, Prayers for Hollywood’s M