• When: 2018-01-23
  • QIC: Over Exposed
  • The PAX: Blue Rhino, Hot-4-Teacher, StinkBait, Rumblestrip, Wingback, Rebound, Rook, BooBoo, Banjo, Postal

Over Exposed VQ

After delaying YHC’s Q for 2 weeks I finally came back, fully prepared with my weinke in hand… until I locked it and my keys in my car. After having my anxiety amplified by this situation, I got on with it, found my voice, and got the PAX at Detention moving.


Conditions: 63, cloudy and windy with the occasional rain shower


Welcome, Disclaimer, and BOM


Mosey to B-ball court the long way round


Warmup: Circle up on B-ball court

– Side straddle hops X 20 IC

– Little baby arm circles X 15 IC

– Reverse Little baby arm circles X 15 IC

– Imperial walkers X 20 IC


Mosey to the principal – lunges up the principal, 5 donkey kicks, lunges down the principal


Run up each of 3 stair cases, 10x calf raises and 10x shoulder taps at the top of each – plank for the six


5 laps around track with a single modified burp and merk in between each lap with corresponding number of merk’s – plank for the six


Mosey to covered area at back – circle up – Mary – gonna turn that one ab into two

– Rosalita (Jane Fonda?) x 20 IC

– Flutter kicks x 20 IC

– LBC x 20 IC


Indian run to front covered area, again, long way around


Line up, down the line, dealers choice

OE: 10x monkeyhumpers OYO

Wingback: 10x merkins, 10x incline merkins, 10x decline merkins OYO

Banjo: 6x burpees IC

Rumblestrip: Boat / Canoe IC

Stinkbait: 15x Toe Taps OYO





1.25 – Keg Cowboy Tap Takeover to benefit Camp Kemo

3.3 – F3LexSC 4th Birthday – Graveyard – Bootcamp, Core Bootcamp, and Ultimate Frisbee

2018 Christmas Party details coming soon


Prayer requests:

Rumblestrip’s father

Adluh’s family

Bray’s lumbar puncture


Devo (the official version, written by David Maxson, Northwood Church of Christ):


“Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me…”

Matthew 11:29


Jesus’ invitation to those all who “labor” and are “heavy laden” is for them to be joined together with him in a yoke. A yoke was a cross piece of wood used to join two work animals together. The purpose behind Jesus’ call for us to be yoked to him is twofold.


First, he wants to provide rest through his yoke. We can take off the heavy burden of sin and put on the “easy” yoke and “light” burden of Christ.


The second purpose is that we learn from Jesus. Younger animals would be yoked together with older animals for the purpose of training. Being tied to Jesus in his yoke, we are forced to follow his movements and thus learn from him.


But this yoke is not really forced upon us. We voluntarily take it on and keep it on. There are times that our flesh rebels against the yoke and we’re tempted to take it off. There are moments when we want to go our own way and we refuse to put it on.


The irony is that as soon as we take off the yoke (because we feel constrained by it), we’re back to where we started before we came to Christ. We’re burdened once again with that labor and that heavy load we had before.


The question for each of us is which yoke are we wearing right now?


Father God, help us to trust you and not ourselves, and learn from Jesus as we are yoked together with him!