• When: 2017-11-27
  • QIC: Chedda
  • The PAX: Say What, Treadmill, Yahoo, Forrest, Fry Daddy, Chedda

You Can’t Catch Me You Dumb Old Fartsack!

Six hearty PAX absolutely DOMINATED the fartsack this morning and posted to Crusade in order to get some miles in and (unbeknownst to them) encourage the QIC. You see, I was actually hoping that nobody would show up and that I could just go home and get back in bed. I’m not proud of that fact, but it’s the truth. I was also planning to walk more than run due to some lingering back and shoulder soreness (and other old-age assorted maladies). All of that went out the window when I was joined by five other (foolish) souls ready to crush a Crusade run.

I don’t know the actual temperature, but it was cold. Thankfully, there was no wind to speak of, so once we got going it felt just fine.

We turned left out of the parking lot and headed toward Mt. Regal for brisk out and back. My plans to take it slow and easy were thwarted by Say What, who ran beside me and engaged me in some high quality second F. It ended up being exactly what I needed and got my day started better than I could’ve asked for. Thanks, SW!

* F3/FiA Christmas Party – 12/15
* Grow Ruck in January

I shared/confessed my thoughts that if not for my name being on the Q sheet (a complete oversight considering I was up late watching the Packers game) I would’ve been at home in bed. Each of the men in attendance had demonstrated a level of determination and discipline that I truly admire. I let them know that their presence today inspired me to push through the weakness in my mind and overcome it. I thanked them for their commitment to making themselves better but also helping me (and their other F3 brothers) get better too. It was an #ISI type of morning at Crusade. That’s for sure!