• When: 2017-10-21
  • QIC: Coon Dog
  • The PAX: Slum Lord, Notebook, Cow Bell, Muggy Tape, Bing, Dunphy, Coon Dog

Working the October Beach Body

Weather Conditions: 48° and 94% Humidity

7 Pax answered the call expecting nothing short of total disappointment. YHC used his “youthful exuberance” and did everything he could to deliver on these impossible  expectations. Here’s how it went.

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey to the center of the big field


Mosey to the entrance of the big field, circle up
 SSH x20 IC
 Windmill x20 IC
 Imperial Walkers x20 IC

Follow the track to the next corner, circle up
 Overhead Claps x20 IC
 TTT x20 IC
 Squat x20 IC

Next corner, circle up
 Mountain Climbers x20 IC
 T-Merkins x20 IC
 Dive Bombers x10 OMC

Next Corner, circle up
 Flutter Kicks x20 IC
 LBC’s x20 IC
 V-Ups x20 OYO

Mosey to the Shelter
 Merkins x20 OYO
 Decline Merkins x20 OYO
 Incline Merkins x20 OYO

Repeat with sets of 15, 10, & 5

Mosey to the Block Pile and line up on the far sideline facing the hill

 Shoulder Press x1, run across the field & up the hill, Plank Jump Ins x10, run back to sideline
 Repeat adding 1 Shoulder Press and subtracting 1 Plank Jump In each set
Pair Up at the baseline
 Partner 1 – Chest Press AMRAP (300 total reps for pair)
 Partner 2 – Run Across the field and back

 Flip flop

Circle Up for Rapid Fire – Pax do single rep around the circle clockwise
 Curls x10
 Shoulder Press x10
 Tricep Extensions x5
Replace Blocks and Mosey back to the Shelter
 Bench Merkins x10 each arm


 11/26: Wings N Ale Lexington 2 nd F @ 6:30p
 11/01: Go Leo Go
 11/11: John Flannigan 5K, 10K, and ½ Marathon
 12/15: F3 Christmas Party

Prayer Request & Praises
 F3 Brothers recovering from injuries