• When: 2017-11-15
  • QIC: Floppy Disk
  • The PAX: Pickle, Meatball, Kukoc, Dunphy, JJ, Crack, Say What?, Hoist, Ranger, Knozit, Yahoo, Big House, Iron Mary, Forrest, Floppy Disk, Pew

Where is George??

16 Pax started their day off roaming around the streets of Lexington aimlessly.  Was it Green St or George St that we were supposed to turn on?  YHC has been yelled at many times on a bootcamp AO, but I do believe that it is a first for being yelled by Ranger at a running AO.  It sounded something like . . . “WTF man you don’t even know your own route. . . you created this thing . . . we’re just following you . . ” and it continued until YHC couldn’t keep up with them anymore.
At least Kukoc was happy that he got his 7 miles in without having to modify the route other than his missed turn on George/Green St. 14 Pax arrived back at the COT and we realized Pew left us early and Yahoo was still pounding the pavement trying to figure out the terrible route that YHC provided. The manhunt started and we thankfully saw a blinky in the distance.

**Reminds us of the importance of counting off and knowing who is on the street

Conditions: 42 and perfect for getting lost


The Thang:

Maiden to left on Church
Right on Hendrix
Right on George
Right on Main (378)
Left on 6 down Mt Regal
Right on Old Cherokee (up Publix hill)
Right by SGPC on 378
Left on Abbie before Lex Middle School
Run behind Lex Middle School (Bus Loop)
Left on Dreher
Right on Harmon
Right on Main
back to flag

Actually – No one even ran this route, but that’s what it was supposed to be . . .


Dear Diary
Christmas Party
Hairy Bison
Running Sucks

Isaiah 9:6 – Christ is The Prince of Peace.  Whatever you are going through we serve a God who has conquered death and can handle it and help bring peace in the midst of your storm.