• When: 2017-10-17
  • QIC: Teacher's Pet
  • The PAX: Deputy Dog, Dr. Quinn, Training Wheels (Respect), Punch List, Hockalugee, Glow worm, Voltron, Strut , Fracture, Hanging Chad, Baconator, Buttermaker, Mad Hatter, Red Eye, Milli Vanilli, Rocking Chair (Respect), Teacher's Pet

What Time is It? Crypt Beatdown

18 Pax were thankful for the cool temperatures at Crypt in the gloom.



Mosey to Field of Dreams and grab a block

Place blocks on the goal line and then circle up



Squatx10 IC

Merkinsx10 IC

Mountain Climbersx10 IC

Mosey back to goal line for:

10 Clean and Press with blocks

10 Overhead Squat with blocks

10 Walking Lunges with block

Bearpee (4 count bear crawl with a burpee after each 4 count) back to goal line

Burpee broad jump back to the block

Rinse and repeat until you reach the other side of the field or time is called.

(As we started, I explained to the Pax that I didn’t have a watch so they would have to tell me when time was up–some tried to call time after the first set)

All told, most Pax covered over 100 yards doing this terribleness! Well done!

With five minutes left, place blocks back and mosey to parking lot for:

Sprint one aisle of the parking lot then jog the next alternating until you get back to the flag.




Ruck Event Saturday (20 mile ruck to the capital)

Prayer Requests:

Flanagan Family

Coleman Family

No Help and Shake and Bake recovering from shoulder surgeries