• When: 2019-01-29
  • QIC: Dozer
  • The PAX: Dri-Soket, Trickle, Overage, Freon, CDV, Navy Bean

What kind of title do you create when…..

….You have no idea what to call what you did? Over the weekend while on a ruck, YHC had the notion that he should start planning his Q for today. The thought of a Super Bowl themed workout immediately came to mind, and as everyone who has ever planned a Q knows, sometimes your mind just goes off on its own. That’s what happened here. I had this notion of doing something in progressive 25 yard/rep increments. Here’s what came of it…

Conditions: 43 and breezy

Disclaimer & Prayer:


  • SSH X 10 IC
  • IW X 10 IC
  • TTT X 10 IC

Tha Business:

Each pax was to grab a block and a pair of bricks. All would be used.

Upper Body:

25 Shoulder Presses with Block, Sprint 25 yards and back, 25 4-count flutter kicks holding block over head.

50 Chest presses with Block, Sprint 50 yards and back, 50 4-count flutter kicks holding block over head (queue mumble chatter about flutter kicks)

75 curls for the girls with bricks, Sprint 75 yards and back, 75 4-count flutter kicks holding block over head (mumble chatter turns into questions as to whether YHC could pass a drug test)

100 tricep extensions with bricks, Sprint 100 yards and back, 100 4-count flutter kicks holding block over head (discussions of drug tests turn to questions of sanity)

Lower Body:

25 lunges each leg (one leg on tire, lunge with the other leg while holding bricks), Sprint 25 yards and back, (from this point on, skipped flutter kicks due to time)

50 sit down-stand ups on tire, sprint 50 yards and back

75 calf-raises on tire; 25 toes straight, toes in, toes out, spring 75 yards and back

100 squats, sprint 100 yards and back

Recover: return to SF.

Count off, Name-a-rama


Dam2Dam – need volunteers. Reach out to Paper Jam or Juice

P200 – Teams needing last minute additions

Shirt orders for Cat and Hollow (also Digits)

Prayer Requests:

Wells Family

Juice’s Father-in-law

Injured pax