• When: 2019-01-29
  • QIC: CornStache
  • The PAX: Betamax, Jenny, Insanity, SubPrime, Strudel, Bunch, QuickBooks, Traitor, Huffy, Biggie Smalls, Welcome Week, Pop Tart, Oscar, Spanky, Underwood, Mud Dog, Spot, McLovin, Pot Pie, and CornStache.

NoC to Q’ing

YHC has been beaten down lately.  Cold, sick kids, not sleeping well and a busy month at work have all taken a toll. Just getting through the day is a big enough challenge.  Last night our AOQ called out YHC on GroupMe and simply said “it’s been a minute” (us NY’ers talk in our own language).  He wasn’t lying.  When running is your focus, bootcamps tend to take a backseat and YHC hadn’t been to Thunder in a long time.  Being run down with a cold, YHC quickly shot down WW with “sorry, under the weather” which wasn’t a lie, but deep down YHC knew Thunder would be good for the body and the soul.

Next thing, YHC woke up at 4:54 (with no alarm) and decided to take the red pill.  This was the best decision in weeks.  Love Bug no shows (which is all on WW imo) and we are leaderless.  The signs were all there: didn’t want to work out, magically wake up at the right time and have the Q not show.  YHC didn’t waste any time and pushed WW aside when he started calling exercises.  This was YHC’s show.  19 pax came along for the ride.

Conditions: 44 and clear

The Thang:  when YHC finally took the reins around 6 minutes had passed (only 39 to go) and no one was breathing hard.  All YHC’s Blitz training kicked in.  We started off easy (10 SSH, 10 Squats, and 10 merkins) while YHC cooked up a plan.

All pax line up on one side of the field for

  • 20 mountain climbers (count left leg only)
  • sprint to the other side of the field
  • 10 burpees
  • sprint back and hold plank while waiting on the 6.

Rinse/repeat.  Then we did this 2 more times changing mountain climbers for plank jax.

Next we deconstructed the burpee.  Four stations (at the four corners of the track) of

  1. 50 jump squats
  2. 50 deep squats
  3. 50 horizontal tuck jumps (the bottom part of a squat thrust) #crowdpleaser
  4. 50 merkins

Rinse/repeat.  At this point most were cussing YHC out, but the upper body had been somewhat neglected.  Next we did:

  • 1 push up (hold 8 seconds at the bottom).
  • 10 air presses

rinse/repeat x 10 #crowdpleaser.  Finished things off with some Russian twists, flutter kicks, 6 inches, etc.


  • This was an amazing morning for YHC.  To go from a NoC to a C to Q’ing was crazy.  Thanks to the Thunder faithful for putting up with me.
  • Good to see Bunch out at his first bootcamp.  He was overheard saying “this is way harder then Ramble”.
  • An independent committee (headed by Robber) is being formed to determine the cause of the communication breakdown between our AOQ and Love Bug. Apparently Love Bug had no idea he was Q’ing. The 600 page report should be out within the year.
  • Great devo today from Biggie.  In short, don’t bitch and be thankful.  He said it with a lot more grace (had to be there).