• When: 3/25/15
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Pepto, Candy Stripe, Heisenberg, Peachy, Mac

We liked it so much we did it again!

5 Pax took on YHCs challenge to get better at Stride this morning. Scrambling to the AO this morning for a little double-down extra credit work, YHC notices the Candystripemobile already there at 0445. Pulling into my favorite spot I notice that the car is empty and a bouncing headlamp streaks by.  #Shouldhaveknown #Hedoesntsleeptruefact After a nice stroll in the gloom we proceeded to get the thang on.

Weather:  56ish and “Real Nice” ®

The Thang:


The route for today was a 1 mile warmup run at conversational pace to the bottom of Mt. Regal. Turn around at Old Cherokee and push yourself to the top. Turn around at the road, rinse and repeat. Convo pace run back to start.




  • T-claps to Candy Stripe and Pepto for putting in some EC. (even if it was only due to an alarm clock malfunction)
  • T-Claps to Pepto for his double down on hill repeats this week.


The dog ate my announcements! #imlying

®The term “Real Nice” is a registered trademark of Blindside Industries and is used with special consent from The Blindside himself!

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