• When: 2019-12-03
  • QIC: Contra
  • The PAX: Columbo, Handlebar, T-Spot

Wall of Fire, legos and duplos!

Conditions: chilly, 36 deg, clear

Disclaimer/Opening Prayer

Mosey around parking lot, including high knees, butt-kicks, sideways right, sideways left, to Cantina

COP: 15 each, IC

-SSH, squats, TTT, mercans (15 OYO) shoulder burner (LBAC fwd, bkwd, OHC, dirty bird), mercans (15 OYO)

All pax wall sat (wall of fire!) while each pax in turn up and down the line mosied to fence for 10 mercans, then 10 donkey-kicks; then all pax held plank while each pax in turn up and down the line mosied up and down the line to fence for 10 squats

Mosey to Legoland and each pax collected 2 legos

Pax performed 10 Napalms w/ legos, then returned to Legoland for a duplo to carry around the parking lot

Rinse and repeat for 3 total laps around parking lot w/ duplo and 10 Napalms w/ legos

Legos and duplos were returned to Legoland

Mosey to shovel flag for Mary

20 ea IC: flutterkicks, reverse crunch, box cutters, LBC, American Hammer

Count-o-rama and name game


-Donations for Families Helping Families from the Herd are due this Saturday, 12-7-19

-Biggie Smalls’ church, Holland Ave, is taking donations for a “garage sale” type of event for families to come and take needed items at no cost

-Ugly Christmas Sweater workout is at Jumanji this Saturday, 12-7-19

-The annual Herd Christmas dinner/party will be Thursday, 12-19-19

Prayer Requests:

-Dropped Call is expecting a new 2.0 any day now

-Unspoken requests

Closing Prayer