• When: 2019-12-03
  • QIC: Dozer
  • The PAX: Field Goal, Feeny, Wire Nuts, Lt. Dan, Kiffen, Rosie, Taurasi (Respect), KingPin (Respect), Watson, Gypsy, Bubble Wrap, She Shed, Black Light, Minecraft, Katniss (Respect), Muggy Tape, Dozer

Block (with Sandbags and Rucks) Party at the Beech House

The buzz around the newest AO in Lexington is something special. Muggy Tape and Field Goal have done a fantastic job of EH’ing everyone possible to come check out the Beech House. From day 1 they posted strong numbers and it hasn’t let up at all, even with colder temps rolling in. These dudes show up ready to put in work, and remind us why what we have here in Lexington is special. It’s refreshing to see a lot of new faces who get it.

It took a little while to get on the Q sheet, and when you look back at who all has Q’d there, you knew when your time came, you better bring it. So, here’s what went down…

***Conditions: 33 and clear with a slight breeze.

***Disclaimer and Prayer

*** The Thang


  • Side Straddle Hop X 10 In Cadence
  • Imperial Walkers X 11 In Cadence
  • Little Baby Arm Circles – Forward 12 In Cadence / Reverse 13 In Cadence
  • Over Head Clap – The plan was for 14, but Field Goal chimes in with “I bet you won’t do 50”. Challenge accepted. 50 In Cadence.

Mosey to football field.  Once there, lined up every 5 yards(ish) is an index card with an exercise. There may be a block, sandbag, or a ruck there. Or, there may just be a card.

Station 1: 2 Water buckets: Farmers carry across the field and back.

Station 2: Lunge with Ruck on your back 1/2 way across the field and back.

Station 3: Overhead carry block across the field and back.

Station 4: Duck walk 1/2 way across and back.

Station 5: Sand bag toss 1/2 way across and back.

Station 6: Bear crawl 1/2 way across and back.

Station 7: Hold block above chest and flutter kick until next man up.

Station 8: Reverse lunge 1/2 way across and back.

Station 9: Block chest press until next man up.

Station 10: Sprint down and back 2 times.

Station 11: Block curls for the girls down and back.

Station 12: Sandbag clean and jerk until next man up.

Station 13: Burpee inch work 1/2 way across and back

Station 14: Ruck tricep extension down and back.

Station 15: Squats until next man up

Station 16: Side Lunge 1/2 across and back.

Station 17: Block – hold straight out front carry 1/2 across and back.

Station 18: Merkins until next man up.

Station 19: Backpedal down and back.

Station 20: Little Baby Crunches until next man up. Sprint down to Station 1 – Rinse and Repeat.


  • Christmas Party 12/14
  • Lexington Christmas Parade this Sunday. 2:45
  • Keep your eyes peeled for pax looking for folks to help fill spots for D2D, P200, etc. – Check Twitter
  • See Muggy Tape for Families helping Families

*** Prayer Requests

  • Unspoken
  • Katniss mom
  • Family of young boy killed in Williston (Lt. Dan hometown) in hunting accident
  • Families missing loved ones during the Holidays