• When: 2019-07-19
  • QIC: Knozit
  • The PAX: Field Goal, Ken Doll, Brick, RockDrop(R), Dunphy, Mercy Rule, Argyle, Meatball, Soaker, Rocking Chair(R), Wingback, FNG - Brownie, Fuzzy Navel, Wild Hog, Knozit(R)

Urban Legend takes a Field Trip

Conditions:  73 Degrees and Humid – no rain

The Thang:  Great to back Qing at Lexington’s Premier Friday Boot Camp:  Urban Legend.  YHC really wanted to expand the Pax’s minds by going on a short field trip to a uncharted area.  Great to see Field Goal back out in the Gloom, but unfortunately, he sprained his ankle early in the workout and could not continue.  Thanks for the Pax who stayed back to help him with his injury.  Also a big welcome to FNG, Jared Franklin, for doing the harder thing an showing up… now to be be known as Brownie (works at UPS).


COP:  In parking lot to warm up

SSH  50x IC

Overhead Claps  20x IC

Windmills  20x IC

Long Mosey to new parking area on S. Church St. (Parking area covered with grass)  Unfortunately, we lost FieldGoal with a twisted ankle and T-Claps to the 3-4 Pax that stayed back to attend to the injured and help him to his car.  Luckily just a ankle sprain.

Line up at end of lowest field:  YHC calls an exercise and all pax sprint to end of field 10x reps… then sprint back to start… 10x reps… then sprint backwards across field and do 10x reps… then sprint backwards back to start… do 10x more reps and plank for the six.  (4 sprints/40 reps of each exercise)

Field #1:  Merkins  (10x, 10x 10x 10x)

Field #2:  BBSU  (10x, 10x, 10x, 10x)

Field #3:  Squat Jumps  (10x, 10x, 10x 10x)

Mosey down sidewalk to new parking circle for park.

Each Pax stand in a parking space.  Each Pax perform a “Kraken Burpee” in each space moving around the circle in a clockwise rotation until back to start.  (Kraken Burpee = Burpee with 3 Hand-Release Merkins at bottom postion) (23 Reps total)

Mosey to bottom of parking lot and partner up.

Partner #1 runs down sidewalk into park and playground equipment.  Does 2x Chin Ups & 2x Pull Ups on monkey bars then returns to parking lot to switch with partner.

Partner #2 performs YHC called exercises until Partner #1 returns to switch.

Exercise #1  Squats  300x

Exercise #2  Plank Jacks  100x

Mosey back to SF


FNG:  Jerod Franklin – works for UPS… Bownie  (could have been Prime or FedEx, but YHC was impressed with his effort during WO)


Stomp The Swamp(August) – F3 Discount is available

Prayer Request:

Capps family(Maggie) for safe trip

Field Goal (ankle)