• When: 2019-11-26
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Chandler, Tailpipe, Strut, Eve, Ball Boy, Training Wheels (Respect), Rocking Chair (Respect), Buttermaker (Respect), No Help

Tri/Bi Ladder Plateau

Someone said Q so I come runnin…

Weather: 35°

The Thang:

Intro, disclaimer, prayer, discuss fax machines

Mosey to outdoor gym parking lot, continue to discuss fax machines and COP

SSH x 10 IC
LBAC x 10 IC f/r
OH Claps x 10 IC
LBAC x 10 IC r/f

Mosey down a bit, continue to discuss fax machines and some more COP

Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
TTT x 10 IC

Mosey over to the Boneyard pile of goodies, each pax grabs two Boneyard Bricks and head to the bus loop

Ladder fun, start with 4 curls, 4 OH triceps ext, and 1 merkin.  Each round add 4 reps to curls and OH triceps ext and 1 rep to the merkins until we reach 40/40/10.

Round Curls OH Triceps Ext Merkin
1 4 4 1
2 8 8 2
3 12 12 3
4 16 16 4
5 20 20 5
Run to the wall and back
6 24 24 6
7 28 28 7
8 32 32 8
9 36 36 9
10 40 40 10
Run to the wall and back
11 40 40 10
12 36 36 9
13 32 32 8
14 28 28 7

Put the bricks up and mosey back to the flag

Merkins x 10



Crypt closed on Thanksgiving, check Twitter for modified schedule
12/14 – F3 Lexington Christmas Party

Prayer Requests

Prayers for Dr. Quinns family
Prayers for the Adams family
Continued prayers for my cousin, Adam


Recycled the scripture that Ken Doll used at Stomp.  Reread it and realized that I had just had a conversation with my oldest that related to the scripture.

Proverbs 13:20 – Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm

I was talking to my oldest about influence and all the things that can influence his life.  What sparked the conversation was music but it starfished into other areas.  Then I got to thinking, what things influence us?  What do we allow in our lives that impact us.  Think about all the things we see, hear, feel, do, say, etc.  They all have an influence on us or those around us.

So surround yourself with positive influences, which includes people.  Not saying forget about the bad and don’t try to help them, but you can’t stay in that negative environment…it’s not sustainable.