• When: 2019-06-25
  • QIC: Dance Off
  • The PAX: Wilbur, Granola(R), PickAxe, Tattoo, Canseco, Dear Diary, Wapner, Double Fault, Boo(R), Booster, Quisenberry, Buttermaker(R), Dance Off

TP Wind Sprints with a Twist & 11s on the Hill

13 PAX got better this morning as Dance Off led his VQ with some inspiration from his old high school soccer memories (or nightmares).

Conditions: 72 degrees, clear skies


Disclaimer, Prayer – Mosey to back lot

  • SSH x 15
  • TTT x 15
  • LBAC forward x 10
  • LBAC backwards x 10
  • IW x 15

Pair up and Mosey to the track

  • Suicides/Wind Sprints with a Twist – 4 cones were be set up about 7 yards apart each.  PAXs ran a suicide/wind sprint to each cone and then completed an exercise each time they returned to the starting line.  Exercise reps increased with each cone reached (5/10/15/20) except for Burpees (5/5/5/5).  Partners planked during their partner’s exercise time and then switched.
    • Merkins
    • Squats
    • BBSU
    • Burpees
  • 11s on the Hill – 1 squat at bottom, run up the hill, 10 LBCs at the top, run down stairs, 2 squats at bottom, run up, 9 LBCs, etc.

Mosey back to the Flag for a few minutes of Mary (Boat/Canoe)

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama


  • Second F – July 9th Mellow Mushroom
  • Plenty of open Qs available in July

Prayer Requests:

  • Granola’s Brother-in-law had surgery for possible heart attack and/or problem with stent.  All looked good, praise.
  • Swanson’s Dad and family
  • Dawn Merck – Midway Elementary teacher starting Round 3 of 4 for breast cancer treatment
  • Dead Diary’s Mom – Finding her way after losing her husband 6 years ago
  • Baconator – Prayers for speedy recovery from dehydration and heat related issues after he completed the Star Course this weekend
  • Canseco – Personal stuff general prayers
  • Booster – Pride issues, overcoming the many obstacles that marriage can present and not letting our pride get in the way


“I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

There are no problems God cannot solve, no circumstances that escape His attention, no future that can’t be adapted to His plan.  God is never surprised, never in need of being educated, and never in doubt.  His way is perfect.

In the difficult turns of your life, you may struggle, misunderstand, then blame God. Why?  You don’t know the end of the story.  You think  what you face is unfair and that God not only doesn’t make sense but is untrustworthy.  What He knows-but you don’t see-is that there is an ending that proves His faithfulness.  You just haven’t come to that part of the story yet.