• When: 2019-06-25
  • QIC: Short Haul
  • The PAX: Paper Jam, Lumbergh, Brita, Niles, Juice, Ditch Witch, Squatter, MacGruber

This Should(er) Be Fun

First off, why oh why did YHC decide to SL with MacGruber and Juice? Those dudes fly, and YHC bets the 7:40 pace from this morning was little more than a conversation pace for those beasts… YHC missed hitting the weights yesterday after work, so we needed to get some in this morning. A lot of hard work with merkins and blocks was done, and hopefully improvements for all were made.

#TCLAPs to Juice for gutting out most of the workout despite what was clearly a pretty ugly neck strain. You could tell it bothered him the whole time, but he did what he could anyway.

Conditions: 71 and muggy


The Thang:

Mosey to block pile, grab a block and two smaller bricks

Circle up for warm up:

Merkins x50 OYO (Good Form) — real crowd pleaser
SSH x40 IC
MTC x30 IC
TTT x20 IC
OHC x10 IC
CP x10 IC
LBAC Rev. x10 IC

Modified Pyramids —
1 block burpee, 3 Napalms, merkin-around-the-world
2 block burpees, 6 Napalms, MATW
3 block burpees, 9 Napalms, MATW

Mosey to parking lot — Vortex — run laps around parking lot, when YHC asks a question, if you can answer yes, then you run to center and perform 5 burpees.

Mosey back to block circle.

Make circle a bit larger (arms length distance)
1 deadlift (blocks&bricks), 2 upright row, 4 delt raises (out/in), bearcrawl-around-the-world
2 deadlift, 4 upright row, 8 delts, BCATW
3 deadlift, 6 upright row, 12 delts, BCATW
4 deadlift, 8 upright row, 16 delts, BCATW
5 deadlift, 10 upright row, 20 delts, BCATW

Mosey back to flag for Mary (YHC was informed what we did wasn’t Ambush’s definition of Mary. Sorry to disappoint // not really)

1 BBSU, 2 IC, 4 LBC
2 BBSU, 4 IC, 8 LBC
3 BBSU, 6 IC, 12 LBC
4 BBSU, 8 IC, 16 LBC
5 BBSU, 10 IC, 20 LBC

The PAX finished with some sprints up and down the parking lot before time was called

Announcements —
Friday @ Stride – 10 weeks of BRR training, 610ft of elevation! You can thank Paper Jam
2nd F on Friday – Kayaking trip, contact MacGruber
More 2nd F – Lake on Saturday (Fireworks in the evening), again holler at MacGruber

Prayer Requests —
Capps family (Maggie Surgery in July) – GoFundMe Page
Ben Izzard’s Dad – Passed away, pray for family, espically Ben’s mom
Juice’s Neck
Meter’s Recovery
Praise for Baconator recovering