• When: 2019-01-14
  • QIC: Mercy Rule
  • The PAX: Canseco, Pick Axe, Spackle (R), Wilbur, Simon Says, Booster, Mercy Rule

To Kenwood and Beyond!

Conditions:  High 30’s with a slight breeze


7 PAX for a Kenwood and back! Great work by all and great to see Booster and Canseco back out in the gloom!

The Thang:

Turn right out of the parking lot towards the damn. Right on Andrew Corley. Right on Midway Road. Right on Kenwood Dr all the way to the end and back! Total 4.3 Miles


Dam to Dam

P200 – Alternates always needed

Healthy Eating group

Prayer Requests:

Wells family and those affected

Simon Says Grandmother gone on hospice


Injured PAX



  • Its time to get on the grind men! Many races coming up to be join in! CSAUP!


I recently added a new puppy to the family. He is a beautiful new pug (Artie) a month or 2 old to go along with our current 5 year old pug (Stella). Every morning after our walk Stella waits near her water bowl and knows that I will give her food an water. Artie sits by his bowls and barks until the food and water comes. I have developed a bond with Stella so she knows that she will never go hungry or thirsty. Artie and I have not yet developed that bond. This post is about patience. “All good things come to those who wait”. Many times we get caught up in the hustle of the next big promotion or thing we have to get done. Never forget that every single day is a blessing and every single day has Mountains to be climbed. Dont forget to enjoy the little moments. Its about the journey men! Its not a race to the finish line! We all end up at the same point in the end!