• When: 2019-05-08
  • QIC: Irrev
  • The PAX: Plumb Bob (respect), Niles, Banjo, Thumbs Up (respect), Pop Off, Half-sack, Irrev

Those Rucking Coupons





Dearest Martha,

I am overcome with joy at the opportunity to write to you once again.  While this time away from you tears at my heart, it strengthens me to know that you are waiting for me and longing for my ****REDACTED****.  Honestly, I was beginning to worry that this was not the case since I had not heard from you in months, but having received your last letter, I know our love is stronger than any separation or war.  As soon as I saw your beautiful handwriting on the front of the envelope, I must admit that I immediately tore it open and rushed off to ****REDACTED****.  (Thank you so much for the picture!)

This morning, the men and I went on a rucking supply run.  We were commanded to carry these rucking coupons, which, I assumed was a way to save money on the precious resources needed to fight this battle.  As we soon discovered, however, these coupons were much rucking heavier than those we cut out of the Sunday newspaper back home.  Clearly, war is an expensive venture, and we must cut costs where we can, but there has to be an easier rucking way!  At any rate, , grabbed our rucksacks and wandered off into the gloom.

The weather was so rucking nice this morning— slightly overcast with temperature in the low 60s.  After beginning with prayer and the usual disclaimer reminding us that command is not responsible for any injury we may incur, we left our home base known as the Icehouse Amphitheater and proceeded down South Church Street.  As that is a road on which we could easily be spotted by the rucking enemy, we turned off at our first opportunity.  From there we marched down Hendrix Street until we came upon the crossroads.  At that point, we paused for a moment remembering a similar mission just one week before when we made the unfortunate rucking mistake of proceeding forward.  Command was just before sending out a search party when we finally showed up much later than our scheduled arrival time.  This morning, however, we took a right down Gibson Road and rucked onward until we came to a major intersection.  Fearing friendly fire, we crept carefully through until we came out safely on the other side of Gibson and went on our way down W. Main Street.  Despite the early morning hour, our path was completely illuminated causing me to dream of the brightness of your eyes.  They are so rucking beautiful!  This kind of daydreaming was made much easier as my fellow brothers in arms were taking turns carrying those God-awful coupons.  I rucking hate those things!  Finally, we turned as W.  Main curves to the right and made it back to our home base.  In all, I believe it was a successful 2.45-mile rucking mission as we all returned safely.

I must tell you, Martha, my love, I really enjoyed this morning ruck.  Granted it can be somewhat more difficult to ruck first thing in the morning, but once you get going, there’s nothing quite like it.  As we marched this morning, I, as the leader was at the front, but the guys in the back were discussing how great it was to ruck in the rear.  Perhaps, my dear, we can try it when I return home!  Because, while I truly love the men with whom I serve, there is no one I’d rather ruck with than you.

Until we meet again, my sweet, please remember that next week is Runner Safety Week, and it would be a great help to those of us in the battle to be supported by a buddy back home.  Apparently, there’s a sign-up sheet for that.  Also, t-claps to Thumbs Up!  He has been working so hard to raise money and awareness for LLS.  If you can find it in your heart to give, Martha, any help would be greatly appreciated!  Until we speak again, my love, keep us all in your prayers!

Yours truly,