• When: 2020-02-13
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, Polecat, Pullout, Doodle, Blockhead, Wilson, Shankopotomus-R, Grand Pepe, Swayze, Nub

Things heard at F3…”on your knees, please”

Twas a mite windy but dry ITG and the thought was to help out our Dam to Dam participants by going easy on the legs, and that certainly wasn’t a problem since none of our Dam to Dam participants posted.  No matter…the weinke was set in advance and we carried it out as the Smokehouse boys like to, great mumblechatter, great effort and lots of extra wind from AOQ (ya’ll can thank me later for placing him in the appropriate wind directon from the rest of us).  YHC will have to admit, I’m not expert on tapers but I did my best to be leg friendly today.  Here is what went down.

1 min warning

Disclaimer (Grande Pepe is no FNG as he makes ultimate’s regularly but this was his first BC so the Disclaimer was on point this morning if I do say so myself)


Slow mosey towards blockpile (save them legs gents)


Cherry Pickers IC x 10

TTT x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang: Grab a block and 2 bricks and head to the field.

YHC set up 2 cone stations in shape of a square with a cone in the middle.  Blocks down on one corner and bricks down at another.  We split up into 2 groups of five, careful to put Swayze in the correct group to keep that extra wind from ruining the rest of our noses.

Here is where some famous words uttered at F3 were spoken,”On your knees, please”  (missed Hollywood this morning but mumblechatter might have been worse if he would have posted).  The groups will start at brick station, do called exercise then bear crawl diagonally to center cone, complete 5 merkins, and then proceed to diagonal corner.  On your six there for another called exercise then bear crawl laterally to next cone, stay on your six for another called exercise, then bear crawl diagonally back to center cone 5 more merkins and proceed to cone with blocks still on your knees complete a called exercise then bear crawl laterally back to start, that is one round all exercises OYO.  The attempt was to stay in Bear crawl, six or on knees position throughout the WO, stay off them feet boys #freshlegs4D2D

Round 1/exercises–20 Dirty Birds, 20 LBC’s, 20 Iron Crosses, 20 Curls4Girls

Round 2— 20 Front Raises, 20 2ct Flutter Kicks, 20 V-ups, 20 OH presses

Round 3–20 Overhead claps, 20 2ct heel taps, 20 Gas pumpers, 20 Tricep ext

Round 4–Brick medley x 10, DB, Front raise, OHC all intertwined (a la block Napalm but with bricks–this ended up kinda squirrely), BBSU’s x 20,  20 Am hammers, 10 Napalms

Bricks/blocks up and slowsey back to SF for Mary (six inches, Burpees, LBAC’s, more Burpees) Time called.

Count/Name o rama


* 2/15: Dam to Dam relay
* 2/29: 6yr F3 Lex convergence at Graveyard
* 3/27-28: P200
* 4/6-4/18: Gauntlet

Prayer requests:

Safety for Dam to Dam runners, Pullout’s Gmother, Nub’s Gmother, Faye Swetlik


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