• When: 2019-06-13
  • QIC: Dear Diary
  • The PAX: Pickaxe, Boo, Danceoff, Tattoo, Booster & Dear Diary

The Seal Training workout that never was!

Weather: Gloomy & Cool

It is often said that the best Bootcamp workouts are the ones with the least amount of planning, well that myth lives on today. YHC spent a lot of time planning exercises for this workout that included teams carrying logs / posts (as done by the men undergoing training for the Navy Seals) with exercises including said logs. This is a very Height Sensitive issue and will need more thought for the future.

Da Thang:

– Disclaimer, BOM & Prayer

– Circle Up, SSH x 15 ic, TTT x 15 ic, IW x 15 if

– Mosey to the Big Silver Truck with the 6 x 6 x 8′ treated posts in the back, divide into (2) teams of (3) based on height (as best as possible), go over the instructions for SEAL Team training with posts.

– carry post on Left Shoulder, mosey to the stop sign, Curls using the post x 10 ic (called by team member #1), shift post to right shoulder and mosey back to the shovel flag, scrap this plan (looked good on paper) and load posts back in the truck. Will be a Redux version of this workout with some more planning (would have been team Merkins, Team Squats, Team Bench Press, more Curls and team Should Press)

– mosey to the Garden Wall by the teachers Lot, grab a spot, Dips x 15 ic, Incline Merkins x 15 ic, Dips x 15 ic

– mosey the long way around (gate locked between the trailers) to the steps, calf raises (straight) x 15 if, heels out x 15 ic, heels in x 15 ic

– run to top of stairs, Burpees x 5, run down the hill, Burpees x 5, Bear Crawl to top of hill, Burpees x 5, run down the hill, Burpees x 5

– Slow Indian Run around the track

– mosey to the wall above the track, grab a spot, Dips x 15 ic, Incline Merkins x 15 ic, move to Peoples Chairs, Indian Bear Crawl around the wall back to your spot while Pax hold People’s Chair

– Mosey to the Shovel Flag for Mary

Mary: Freddy Mercury x 15 ic, LBC x 15 oyo, Box Cutters x 15 ic, American Hammer x 15 ic, Boat Canoe (on my call), request from Booster for final exercise (I can’t remember)

Announcements: July Kamikaze on July 9th, 2nd F gathering on July 9th (8 pm) @ Mellow Mushroom, Chedda Q on Saturday (6/15)

Prayers: Dawn Merck & Family, Boo’s M (recovery & healing from surgery), Corbett Anderson, Booster, Swanson’s Father & Chedda for his big move

Devo: remember where you have been and don’t forget that God has and will get you thru it all.