• When: 2020-07-21
  • QIC: DoubleFault
  • The PAX: Hopper (r), Spackle (r), DanceMachine (r) , Digger (r), Shades of Grey, JoePa, GoodHands, BreakerBreaker (r), Pearl (r), Netflix, WeekendSpecial, Bulldog, DoubleFault (r)

The One Where Hopper Couldn’t Name A Single Tune…Again

Great to get back out to in the gloom today to lead the men of Graveyard. YHC has been on tour  this summer (#MidlandsTour).  While it’s been a great time getting out to see other pax and other AOs around the Midlands, I’ve missed these pax. However, a break in the schedule allowed YHC to get back home and make a return to the Q sheet. Today’s beatdown was absolutely crushed by these men. Hope they got their money’s worth.   

The following is a recap of today’s activities (recap may vary from actual events).

Conditions:  76°F, Humidity 88%

The Thang:

OMW, Disclaimer, Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer

One lap around parking lot

COP (all exercises x15 IC)

  • SSH
  • TTT
  • IWs
  • Windmills
  • Squats
  • Merkins

One lap (plank for 6)

Block work (x15 IC)

  • Goblin squat
  • Iron Crosses with block
  • Curls 4 girls

One lap (plank for 6)

  • Thrusters
  • Iron Crosses
  • C4Gs

One lap (plank for 6)

  • Plank Jacks
  • Plank (r leg up/l leg up)
  • Napalms

Cusack carry to fire hydrant and back

Head to find a spot on the wall

Peoples Chair (OMC) -> Donkey Kicks x15 (rinse and repeat)

Head back to blocks

  • Plank (r arm up/l arm up)
  • Block merkins

One lap (plank for 6)

  • Thrusters
  • LBCs

Farmer carry to hydrant and back (plank for 6)

  • Chest Press
  • Iron Crosses
  • Bent over row

One lap (plank for 6)

  • Manmakers x 10


  • Ray Charles
  • Flutter kicks
  • Hip thrusters



  • Bulldog has the Q for Thursday


  • Grandfather of YHC’s M – broke hip a few weeks ago -> showed symptoms at hospital but tested negative for Covid -> now has pneumonia -> isolation is taking its toll on him
  • Shades neighbor’s father – taken to hospital for heat problems and having surgery today (Chambers)

Closing prayer by YHC


  • The ONLY time that you DO NOT want Hopper on your team is if you are competing in “Name That Tune.” His musical knowledge is wanting. However, it’d be a solid move to draft Bulldog or GoodHands in the 1st round.
  • Great to have a visit from Pearl today. Mumblechatter game wasn’t as strong today but we will blame that on the beatdown.
  • Link to today’s playlist – here
  • It was an honor to lead this morning.

Devo – from AoM “21 Epigrams Every Man Should Know”

“Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be.

Be one.” —Marcus Aurelius

In Rome just as America, in the forum just as on Facebook, there was the temptation to replace action with argument. To philosophize instead of living philosophically. Today, in a society obsessed with content, outrage, and drama, it’s even easier to get lost in the echo chamber of the debate of what’s “better.” We can have endless discussions about what’s right and wrong. What should we do in this hypothetical situation or that one? How can we encourage other people to be better? (We can even debate the meaning of the above line: “What’s a man? What’s the definition of good? Why doesn’t it mention women?”) Of course, this is all a distraction.

If you want to try to make the world a slightly better place, there’s a lot you can do. But only one thing guarantees an impact. Step away from the argument. Dig yourself out of the rubble. Stop wasting time with how things should be, would be, could be. Be that thing.

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