• When: 102417
  • QIC: Rocking Chair
  • The PAX: Slum Lord, Stalker, Inspector Mom, Brick, Hoist, Honey Boo Boo, Half Empty, Scotch, Cramps, Reading Rainbow, Gravedigger, Rocking Chair-R.

The Hollow Gets Their Turn

When the call came from Inspector Mom, YHC was honored to come in off the bench for my Captain, No Help, who is on IR.  YHC asked NH ,” What do the Pax at The Hollow Like?”  Always helpful, NH said, “They especially like SSH’s and sprints”.  And the rest is (now) history…

1 minute warning, Intro, disclaimer, check for FNG’s,  BOM

The Thang: ***Nod to NH***SSH x 25 IC, sprint 100 yards circle up, SSH x 25 IC, Sprint 50 yards circle up, SSH x 25 IC, sprint 50 yards circle up, SSH x 25 IC, sprint 50 yards stopping at :

Station 1 : Beginning our workout with the modified MARSOC:

30 Merkins, run to the wall (about 50 yards) and back, 30 Air Squats, to the wall and back, 30- 4 ct. LBC’s (run), 10 Burpees and Plank for the 6.   *****All times between exercises or while waiting on the 6 will be in the plank position***

To travel between stations we will use sidewinder merkins –  on to:

Station 2 : 30 -4 ct. Windmills 9 Run to the wall and back), 30 Merkins, (run), 30 – 4 ct Mountian Climbers (run), 10 burpees, Plank for the 6.  Sidewinder merkin to:

Station 3 ; 30 Flutter Kicks (run), 30 Merkins (run), 30 Star Jumps (Real crowd pleaser as they are everywhere) (run), 10 Burpees, and plank for the 6.  Sidewinder Merkins to :

Station 4 : 30 supermans (run), 30 merkins,(run), 30 Hello Dollies(run), 30 4 ct Lunges (run) and 10 Burpees. plank for the 6.  Having time left we revisited each of the 4 stations for a reprise of the Pax’ favorites.  they chose Merkins, Mountian Climbers and Hello Dollies, all x 30.

Jailbreak back to the flag and circle up for 2 minutes of American Hammer.

Great Job by the Hollow’s Pax. These guys are an impressive and fun bunch.  It was a honor to lead them in the Gloom.

COT: Count a Rama, Name a Rama

Announcements:  11/11 Flannagan 10k, 11- 3 / 4 Go Ruck opportunities, Run groups meeting at Harbisson Forest on Saturday and Sunday morning at 7am to get ready for the 50k in January.  Christmas party on 12/15 at Saluda River Club.

Prayer Request: No Help and Shake and Bake are recovering from surgeries, prayers for their healing and their patience.  GraveDigger’s Aunt Margaret, Thiose for whom we don’t know to pray. Our Leaders and our country.

We ended our workout with the Pledge of Allegiance.