• When: 2018-07-17
  • QIC: AB
  • The PAX: Glow Rod, Whittle, Columbo, Choo Choo, Tuff Guy, Tea Party

The Herd attempts to Beat The Freeze!

To celebrate the All-Star break, The Herd made their downpainment with a workout inspired by the Atlanta Braves own Beat The Freeze!

BOM led by AB

Mosey around parking lot to canteen

The Thang

Windmills x 10
Hillbillies x 10
Imperial Walkers x 10
Squats x 10
Thru the Tunnel x 10
LBACs x 10
Raise the Roof x 10
Overhead arm claps x 10

10 dips
10 step ups per leg
10 incline chest to bleacher ‘mercans
Rinse & Repeat

Partner up for “Beat The Freeze”

Mosey to left field corner
Runner 1 (75% around warning track)
Runner 2 (sprints to catch partner after partner reaches the gap in left center)

Round 1:
Right field corner 20 SSH
First base 20 Imperial Walkers
Backstop 20 calf raises
Third base 20 Hillbillies
Left field corner 20 squats

Flapjack partners on run Rinse & Repeat

Round 2:
Right field corner 20 Peter Parkers
First Base 20 Shoulder Taps
Backstop 20 Lunges
Third Base 20 Mountain climbers
Left field corner 20 Parker Peters

Flapjack partners on run Rinse & Repeat

Round 3:
Right field corner High knees to
First Base Butt kicks to
Backstop High knees to
Third Base Butt kicks to
Left field corner Plank

Flapjack partners on run Rinse & Repeat

Chief Knock-a-homer run around field

Mosey back to SF for Mary

Hello Dolly x 15
2 Turkish getups
Russian Twist x 15
2 Turkish getups
Boat / canoe