• When: 2018-04-17
  • QIC: Quisenberry & Chedda
  • The PAX: Swanson, Treadmill, Bulldog, Wapner, Rook, Whino, Buzzsaw (respect), GED (respect), Ponzi, Overnight, Hemmingway, Wilbur, Tatoo, Pick Axe, Canseco, Knozit, Ranger (respect), Milli Vanilli, Rocking Chair (respect), Braniac, Recall, Potluck , Hot 4 Teacher, Floppy Disk, Netflix, Lego, Milk and Cookies, Quest, Voltron, Mercy Rule, Dunphy, Fast Casual, Whisper, Dirty Bird, Postal, Brownout (FNG), Giggity, Boo Boo, Stinkbait, Quisenberry, Chedda

The Gauntlet (Day Two) – The Kamikaze

38 and (thankfully) no wind

Day two of the 2018 Gauntlet featured 41 (mostly returning) PAX who were definitely feeling the repercussions of the previous day’s visit to the Viper. This morning’s challenge was no walk in the park. Many made their first (but hopefully not last) visit to the Kamikaze. We did have an FNG this morning. Hopefully, somebody prepared him for what he was about to endure. He seemed like he survived it pretty well, and I’m sure he’ll be back. Quisenberry (the inventor of this torture machine) ran down the details and we were off. No stats were collected, reinforcing that this is a YOU vs. YOU event, but for those interested in knowing how they did…

Scoring is 40 pts per lap, plus 1 pt per pound of weight.  Partial Credit awarded for completed portions of the lap as shown below.
* Sprint up Hill (0.05) – 11 Merkins (0.10)
* Run Down (0.15) – 11 BBSU (0.20)
* Bear Crawl Up Hill (0.25) – 11 Merkins (0.30)
* Jog Down Hill (0.35) – 11 BBSU (0.40)
* Bunny Hop up Steps (0.45) – 11 Merkins (0.50)
* Jog down hill (0.55) – 11 BBSU (0.60)
* Sprint up Hill to the lightpole (0.65)  – 11 Merkins (0.70)
* Fast mozey down long Ramp (0.75) – 11 BBSU (0.80)
* Mozey to Blue Jungle Gym (0.85) – 11 Pullups or 11 Body weight rows (0.90)
* Mozey to Track (0.95) – 11 Lunges each leg (1.00)
* Mozey back to hill, recover as needed
Rinse and Repeat for 40 minutes, increasing reps by 1 each lap.

Like yesterday, work was done. The rucks and weighted vests were out again, and PAX were pushing one another and themselves. At this rate, we’re gonna have a VERY successful opening week to this year’s Gauntlet.

* Walter Bell (27) – works at SCE&G, from Maryland –> Wapner immediately fired off Crab Cakes? –> Pole Dancer? (not sure where Potluck was getting that from?) –> An unidentified PAX offered Lights Out? –> Bulldog suggested She Crab? –> Another unidentified PAX yelled out Turtlehead? –> Crab Cakes was the leader in the clubhouse until somebody threw out Brownout. That was immediately the winner. Welcome “Brownout!”

* Tomorrow we head to The Hollow – home of The Tomcat – for Day Three. Starts at 0500. Be there about five minutes early.
* Don’t forget to register for the 2nd Annual F3 3rd F 5K.

* Dear Diary – cancer treatment
* Moist’s sister and family – baby girl still fighting
* Taurasi’s sister-in-law
* Whiffle Ball – continued recovery from recent procedure