• When: 2019-07-11
  • QIC: Dozer
  • The PAX: Shine, DriSoket, Trackhoe, CDV, Dozer

The Final Countdown…..

For Round 2 of the Dozer Doubleheader, it only seemed fitting that the pax of F3 CAT do 2 things: Upper body work, and stay dry. YHC was happy to oblige. As usual, the pax showed up ready to sweat and get better. Both were accomplished. Read on  for the 411.

***Conditions: 72 degrees with 98% humidity.

1 Minute Warning

Disclaimer and Prayer


  • Front arm stretches, each arm
  • LBAC 15 F/R IC
  • Hamstring stretches Right Leg, Left Leg, Middle
  • TTT X 15 IC

Each pax brought a block and a pair of bricks to high jump/pole vault area of the track. YHC named this workout The Final Countdown. We will start with an upper body exercise followed by a core exercise. We will do 100 reps of each. Sprint to the other end zone and back, do 2 new exercises of reps of 90 counting down to 10, etc.

100 – Block Chest Press/ LBC

90 – Curls for the girls (bricks) / 4 ct. Freddy Mercury

80 – Reverse CFG (bricks) / 4 ct. Flutter kick

70 – Tricep Ext. (bricks) / V-Ups

60 – Block bent over rows / 1 ct. boat/canoe

50 – Bent over fly (bricks) / Skull crusher

40 – LBAC f/r 20 each (bricks) / 4 ct. Hello Dolly

30 – OHC (bricks) / Peter Parker

20 – Merkins / Big Boy Sit-ups

10 – Burpees / Iron Crosses

Unfortunately, due to time, we only made it about half way through. The down and back sprints certainly took some time, but it was good. This brought a lot of mumble chatter and every man was drenched and gassed. The effort was on point, today.

***Announcements: Reaper this weekend

***Prayer Requests:

  • Maggie Capps, daughter of Blindside and Volley
  • Keep Moist in your prayers. One of the men he served with in the Corps passed away yesterday. Moist was really close with this gentleman.