• When: 2019-07-11
  • QIC: Bellhop
  • The PAX: Plan B, Purdue, Queenie, Bellhop

Loops and More Loops at Foxhole

4 pax made their way to Foxhole this muggy July morning for a reunion of sorts.  It’s been awhile since Bellhop has been with the pax here; he’s easing back his F3 boot camp routine via a tour of F3LakeMurray AOs with some running, some movements, and a lot of fellowship.

Conditions: 74, humid, no rain.



SSH (20x) (IC)

Overhead Arm Claps (20x) (IC)

Little Arm Circles (20x) (IC)

Imperial Walkers (20x) (IC)

The Thang

Mosey to the track.

Starting half way down the front stretch of the first 100yrs, start with 20x Big Boys, run halfway around the track, do 20x more.  Repeat 1x for a total of 80x Big Boys.

Repeat with 20×4 Squats.

Repeat with 20×4 Mountain Climbers.

We began Plankjacks, but only got through 2x20x.

Work was done, but there was also a lot of good fellowship.  The pax stayed together through the movements and runs and discussed a good many things.  This was the high point of the morning notwithstanding the fact that there were times we think the pregnant lady pushing the stroller while running was making better time than some of us.  Time called at 0555.

Mosey back towards the Shovel Flag.  Did one flight of stairs and back down while en route.

Simple, but effective. Sufficiently sweaty.


-Kids F3: 7/26 at 0700 at Depot.

-Scripture reading (courtesy of Queenie): James 3:9.