• When: 2017-09-23
  • QIC: Lego
  • The PAX: Tongue & Groove, Caboose, Happy Trees, Matlock, Nub, Parks & Rec, Wino, Hollywood, Lego

The Burpee Train Keeps Rolling

Congratulations goes to Smokehouse as not only a group of great men who work hard, but also the first AO to actually enjoy this workout.  Makes YHC wonder what you guys mix in your Gatorade bottles?

Series of 8 stations 10 feet apart.  Run suicides from Station 0 to 8.  Stop at each and perform that number of burpees.  Come back to Station 0, again stopping at each station for burpees.

Same thing, this time going to station 7 and back.

Station 6 and back.

Station 5 and back.

Station 4 and back.

Station 3 and back.

Station 2 and back.

Station 1 and back.

No rest in between.  At this point you have performed 200 burpees.  But becasue this is Saturday, we have an extra 15 minutes.

Run all the way down to station 8.  At station 1 for 5 LBCs.  Add 5 at ea station until #8 for 40 LBCs.  Come back subtracting 5 LBCs

Repeat this time with Merkins.

Repeat this time with Squats.