• When: 2017-09-26
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Cabana boy, Foggy Bottom, The Closer, Fry Daddy, Dead Bolt, Green Bow(R), Wilbur, Wapner, Nibbles, Fast Casual, Tattoo, Grease Trap, Dear Diary, Kyrie, Canseco, Quest, Breakfast Club, Mac

That was stupid!

18 Pax joined YHC in the gloom of Turning Point for a typical Mac beat down. As a Q the best comments you can hear are those that a person would typically take as negative in any other part of their lives. So when Wapner comes up to you and says “That was stupid!” the words ring like a love poem in a young girls ear. In his defense he did add “just like always, Thanks Mac.” It’s good to know I can still win the hearts of the Pax.


The Weather: 70ish

The Thang:

Mosey around the lot w/high knees and butt kicks

Side straddle hop x 20

Thru the tunnel x 20

Imperial walker x 38

Windmill x 20

Lil baby arm circles x 15 front

Lil baby arm circles x 15 back

Slo-mo squats x 20

Monkey Humpers x 10

Mosey around to the back lot

Bulgarian ball busters x 20 each leg OYO

Morning wood x 10 each side OYO

Merkinator x 20 OYO

Mosey around to the breezeway

Just bearly suck – Like the U bearly suck but the breezeway is straight

Bearcrawl through the breezeway with a burpee at each post

wall sit waiting on the 6

Mosey to the basketball court

count off into 4 teams

Johnny Cash aka Rings of Fire

Plank/merkins x 15/10/5

Air chair/squats x 15/10/5

Mosey around to back lot


Shoulder taps x 20 IC

LBCs x 20 IC

Peter parker plank x 20 IC

Freddy mercs x 20 IC

Newton’s Cradle x 20 IC

Russian twist x 20 IC

Parker peter x 20 IC

Flutter kicks x 38 IC

Actual footage during the flutter kicks

Jailbreak back to the flag





  • Excellent effort by the TPers. There are a lot of newer faces out there and they are not afraid to put in the work.
  • As always the mublechatter game was strong with this group. I even got a shoe thrown at me!