• When: 2017-09-26
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Lego, Patches, Stinkbait, Banjo, Adluh, Blue Rhino, Rook, Rumble Strip, Postal, Swanson, Tardy, FNG - Hostel, Dink, No Time, Granola, Treadmill, Hot-4-Teacher, Bar Crawl, Boo Boo

Football Season Recap at Detention

Had a fun morning at Detention, solid group of Stride Liters to start the day, then some brothers from Turning Point joined in on the fun as well.  Inspired by the start of football season a few weeks ago, I drew up this Q.  Unfortunately, the first opening on the Q sheet at Detention wasn’t until the end of September but you can’t relive a national championship too many times so here we go:

Weather: low 70s – awesome



Mosey down to the bottom of The Principal

Warmup – 15 SSH IC, 15 TTT IC, 15 Merkins OYO

Season Record (14-1)

14 Burpees OYO

1 sprint up the Principcal

Mosey halfway around the track

Clemson vs. Pitt (L, 43 – 42)


42 Monkey Humpers IC – YHC forgot how much these suck so we did 10 MHs, 10 MHs, 10 MHs, 10MHs, and 2 MHs.  Mumblechatter was skrong, real skrong.

Mosey halfway around the track

Clemson vs. South Carolina (W, 56 – 7)


7 burpees OYO

Mosey halfway around the track

ACC Championship: Clemson vs. Virginia Tech (W, 42 – 35)

42 Flutter Kicks (2-count) OYO

35 Squats OYO

Mosey halfway around the track

Fiesta Bowl: Clemson vs. Ohio State (W, 31 – 0)

31 Lunges OYO

0 Rest for 30 seconds/Recruit for P200/Eat an orange slice/Take a nap/Etc.

Mosey halfway around the track

National Championship: Clemson vs. Alabama (W, 35 – 31)

35 IWs IC

31 Mountain Climbers OYO

Mosey halfway around the track

The winning play was Deshaun Watson(#4) to Hunter Renfrow (#13) so:

4 sprints up the Principal

There was lots of talk about an Indian Run since we had a large group.  We did more of an Indian Blitz – when you see someone pass you headed for the front of the line, you then do the same.  Postal got real excited and turned on the jets, no beard to slow him down.

13 burpees OYO

Lap around the whole school (with some steps thrown in) back to the shovel flag.



FNG – Hostel. Welcome!


Prayer Requests

Pray for Bray

Praise – Patches’ friend who was having a baby is doing well and so is the baby


RBHS vs LHS Tailgate – see the Twitter for info

Red October

10/3 – New Providence Elementary @ 5:15 am

10/5 – Deerfield Elementary @ 5 am

10/10 – Rocky Creek Elementary @ 5:15 am

November 11 – Cheech 10K


No real verse today, just show love.  In this day and age where everyone is offended by everything, we need to remember to show love no matter what.  We are all different – we have different backgrounds, different hobbies, different beliefs, etc.  There may be that guy at the office that everyone doesn’t like – show him love.  You may root for a different team than someone – show them love.  You may have a different opinion that someone – show them love.  Just because we have different opinions or views doesn’t mean we can’t love someone. The best way to influence someone is by showing love.