• When: 09/26/2017
  • QIC: Caboose
  • The PAX: Honcho, Swayze, Urkel, Doodle, Nub, Wilson, Hollywood, Spewy, Plug, Wino, Shankopotomus (Respect), Babe, Stay Puff, Belding, Tongue n Groove, Pullout, Parks n Rec, Polecat, Kinard, Happy Trees, Caboose

Smokehouse Is Hard To The Core

We are nearing the end of our low to no running month here at Smokehouse and YHC was honored to lead the PAX in another core focused workout. YHC thought it would be a lovely idea to keep the PAX in a COP formation so that we might better enjoy the mumble chatter and the grimaces and grunts of the Smokehouse Gloom. The return of Swayze after a week downrange added just the right touch of flatulence to the atmosphere. Yes, there was something in the air this morning at Smokehouse, and it smelled like…. PAIN.



Mosey to practice field


Imperial Walkers x20 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles x10 IC forwards

Little Baby Arm Cicles x10 IC Backerds

Everybody grab a block (is that bloodstains on Kinards block? Just add sweat and tears!)

The Thang:

Get back in COP for Elevens

First Round: Block Swings and Block Thrusters

Put your blocks down for now

Second Round: Little Baby Crunches and Big Boy Sit-ups

Third Round: Leg Lifts and Flutter Kicks

Pick them blocks up

Fourth round: Curls For The Girls and Bus Drivers

Blocks down and get in Low Plank position for Ring of Fire

First Round: Everybody Low Planks while The PAX one at a time do x3 two-count Hip Touches

Second Round: Everybody does Six Inches while the PAX one at a time do x3 two-count American Hammers

Stay on your six for Mary

Nub: Flutter Kicks x10 IC fast and slooooooww

Tongue n Groove: BBSU x30 OYO (ouch)

Urkel: Left Side Low Plank forever followed by Right Side Low Plank even longer

Put the blocks up and mosey back to the shovelflag



Anybody got butt blisters after this morning? Hollywood says he’s got an ointment for that

Mission comes to Smokehouse this Saturday 7:30 am followed by coffeteria at Shealy’s

Feed the football team next Friday Oct 6 at 3:30 pm in the High School cafeteria

Red October

10/3 – New Providence Elementary @ 5:15 am

10/5 – Deerfield Elementary @ 5 am

10/10 – Rocky Creek Elementary @ 5:15 am

November 11 – Cheech 10K

Prayer Requests: Heyward Bouknight, Chad Arant, Julia Shealy