• When: 2019-08-11
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX:  Netflix, Weekend Special, Fast Casual, Pearl, Quisenberry, Canseco, Contra, Socrates, Wapner, Tater, Double Fault, Penny Stock, Little Giants, Silverchair, Dear Diary, Thumbs Up, Booster

Taylor Swift and all-time records at Tread

17 PAX post for what might be the most PAX posting in the history of Tread. Quis is checking the spreadsheets now.

Conditions- muggy, just rained because there was water on the pavement, and YHC didn’t make the Pax wallow in it. You’re welcome


Prayer, disclaimer, then the other half of the PAX arrived. Did a lap around Hobby Lobby to get all the late folks. Ruck over to Kohl’s and turn around, fairly common route.

Circle in the lot, grab your KB to jam out to Taylor Swift for 30 minutes. Complete the exercises as follows but not necessarily in this order:

KB swings x 10

Merkin planks into merkin rows x 5 each arm

Curls for the girls x 20

Goblet squats x 10

Tricep extensions x 20

Elf on the same shelf x 10

Shoulder press x 20

Elf on a lower shelf x 10

Napalms x 10

Boo(ish) type squats x 10

Lateral lunges x 5 each leg

Weed eaters x 5 each arm

Tim Hardaways x 5 each arm

Around the world x 10 each way

Figure 8s x 10

Elf on a higher shelf x 10


Announcements- SAFE forum tonight 5pm Mt. Horeb, The Forge to follow about disruption 

Prayer requests- Boo’s M, Pete’s family, Swanson family