• When: 2019-08-11
  • QIC: MuggyTape
  • The PAX: Scotch, Paper Jam, Short Haul, Meatball, Nic, Lego, Argyle, Soaker, Cowbell, Hedges, CoonDog, FivePlay, Flexseal, MudFlap, HeadGear, Notebook, Cheers, MercyRule, MuggyTape

No Blocks for my Birthday

19 of the Lexington’s finest showed to help YHC celebrate a birthday. YHC found out minutes before the start that there were not enough blocks or bricks for all in attendance. The pax proceeded to verbally ridicule the current and former AOQ ‘s (who were both in attendance) about the state of the AO. No problem because YHC had filled a up a piece of notebook paper Friday night with options of things to do. So here is what YHC came up with. 2 for SL, 2 for 10 miles and 3 for Coffeteria.  Coffeteria subject was about raising young teens. Thanks Cowbell for buying YHC’s breakfast since KenDoll backed out.

The thang
Mosey to back field stopping to complete parts of the slammer 21 calf raises, 21 squats and 21 merkins.
Circle up at back field.
SSH X 15
TTT X 15
IW X 15
BURP & MERK – complete a burpee but add in extra merkins. Did 10 burpees and 55 merkins
Line up at end of the field and bear crawl to the other end. About 50 yds. Crawl bear back to the other end. Crab walk halfway back and rev crab walk the rest of the way to the other end.
The Beast:
6 sets, 6 reps ea set, 6 different exercises.
Run to mid field about 25 complete 6 reps of said exercise then run to the other end to complete 6 more reps than back to mid field 6 reps then run back to the start 6 reps. Continue until you have completed 6 sets plank on the six. The six exercises done were: merkins, squats, crucible merkins, monkey humpers, Carolina dry docks, burpees
Mosey to hill between the sidewalk and the fields for 11’s. 10 iron crosses at the top and 1 BBSU at the bottom. Continue until you do 1 Iron Cross at the top and 10 BBSU’s at the bottom.
Continue the slammer loop 21 BBSU, bear crawl the bridge, 21 dips and 5 burpees.
At the shelter partner up:
Partner 1 run a loop around the second island in the parking lot while partner 2 does step ups at the picnic tables until partner 1 returns. Then Flap jack
Round 2 partner 1 runs the same loop while partner 2 does LBC’s until partner 1 returns. Then flap jack
Grab a spot on the wall for peoples chair.
1 min people’s chair with arms out front. 15 sec hold your left foot up, then switching to right foot up for 15 sec. 30 second recovery then Repeat.
Safe meeting Sunday 8/11 from 5-6 pm at Mt Horeb
Stomp the Swamp & Jailbreak 8/24
Sign up for the Iron Pax challenge in sept.
Maggie Capps

Dunphy’s Mom

Nic’s wife’s cousin Heather diagnosed with Adrenal Cancer

Praise for Heaggear’s niece may get to come home from the hospital soon.