• When: 2017-10-31
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Noah, Hanging Chad, Breakfast Club, Redeye, Strut , Dr Quinn, Rocking Chair(R), Voltron, Baconator Training Wheels(R), Paddles, Mac

Tales From The Crypt

12 Pax took the DRP and posted to the gloom of Crypt. YHC wanted to welcome fellow SGPC FNG Red C who was posting at Boneyard. We moseyed down Reaper hill for a little fist-bump fly-by. Cobains to Granola for missing him but luckily he chased us down. From there it just got worse.


The Weather: 50 degrees? The backblast is late so YHC doesn’t remember.


The Thang:

Mosey down Reaper Hill to the bottom.

Fist-bumps with the Boneyard gang and a unicorn? OYO.

SSH x 10

Thru the tunnel x 10

Imperial walkers x 10


mosey to the trail by the practice field

Circle up at the end of the trail.

Bulgarian ball busters x 15 each leg OYO

Morning wood x 10 each side OYO

Merkinators x 10 OYO

Mosey – quick pace stopping behind the football field

Elevens w/Merkins and Squats

fast pace mosey to the bottom of Tennis Court hill

Rings of fire

Plank/merkins 15/10/5

fast mosey to the bottom of Band Camp Hill

At this point most of the Pax could see where this was going and some “encouraging” YHC to continue running was involved.

Triple Nickel

Sprint to the top the hill

5 burpees

Sprint back down

5 burpees

Rinse and repeat 5 times

Mosey up to the Boneyard lot



LBCs x 20IC

Russian hammer x 20 IC

Freddy mercury x 20 IC

Heel touch to V-up x 20 IC

Flutter kicks x 38 IC

Fast mosey back to the flag

Circle merkins to 5




  • The Crypt Pax are a lot nicer than the Turning Point guys. At least YHC only got a hat thrown at him during the flutter kicks rather than a shoe.
  • Great effort by the Crypt Pax. YHC held a pretty quick pace between exercises and all of the Pax pushed hard to keep up.
  • Tclaps to the Second Wind gang for allowing YHC to join them. Great discussion as always.