• When: 2017-11-02
  • QIC: Double Fault
  • The PAX: Columbo, Tea Party, Ochocinco, Choo Choo, Cheddar, Alter Boy, Double Fault

Block Party for The Herd

7 members of The Herd joined YHC in the Gloom of Jumanji today for a good ol’ fashioned block party. A new job and family commitments have forced YHC to post earlier with the great pax of Turning Point lately. So today’s Q was a welcomed return for YHC. There is such a solid group of guys here and the mumble chatter never disappoints.

Conditions: 59* (nearly summer)



Mosey around to concession stand

COP (all exercises x 10 IC)
– LBACs (f)
– OH Claps
– Cherry Pickers
– LBACs (r)
– Merkins
– Monkey Humpers
– Squats
– Windmills

Wall of fire
– each pax assumes people’s chair while one pax runs around concession stand
– Rinse and repeat until all pax have completed lap

Mosey to Lego Land for blocks

Block party
Plank while each pax lines up across parking lot (All exercises IC x 10)
– Curls for Girls
Cusack Carry block to corner of parking lot and plank
– OH press
Cusack Carry around lot and plank
– Chest press
Cusack Carry and plank
– Iron Crosses with block
Cusack Carry and plank
– 6 count block burpee
Cusack Carry and plank
– Chest press x 20
Cusack Carry
– block squat

Split pax into 1s and 2s
– 1s Farmer Carry blocks to light pole and back
– 2s perform squats until 1s return
– 1s Farmer Carry
– 2s IWs

– Curls for Girls
– OH press
– Block squat
– Chest press
– Iron crosses with block
– Bent over rows
– Napalm

Recover and return blocks

Break to Shovel Flag

Flutter kicks x20 IC



– 3rd F opportunity next Tuesday to clean yard and paint for an elderly neighbor from 1:30-4:30. Get with AB for details
– Cheech 10k on November 11
– Hairy Bison on November 18

– Columbo’s stepmom as she recovers
– To help Tea Party find a good home for a great little dog he rescued