• When: 2017-08-24
  • QIC: Iron Mary
  • The PAX: Tribe, WeeWee, Honey BooBoo, Ravens, Kuder, Penny Tax, Runz, Soccer Mom, Heisenberg, Stalker, Hoist, SlumLord, Inspector Mom, Brick, Iron Mary

Take Your Medicine!

YHC was filling in today for a brother that needed to swap Q’s.  Due to a little bit of a short notice, YHC wasn’t exactly in the best shape to deliver the epic beatdown to met his standards.  Actually, YHC didn’t want to take the little red pill at all!  The Fartsack had a strong grip, but he knew as always, the PAX of The Hollow would come to work.  And that they did!  YHC took his medicine and gave it all he had.

Weather – More of the same (hot and muggy)



Mosey to Flagpole


SSH x 15

TTT x 15

IW x 15

Windmill X 15

LBAC x 10 Front

LBAC x 10 Back

Mosey to parking lot by breezeway

The Thang

Ascending Merkins

Bear Crawl to curb then x 1 Derkin

Bear Crawl to curb then x 2 Derkin

Continue to x 13 Derkin

Mosey to LOPAC Stairs for Black Jack

20 LBC’s at the top

1 Squat a bottom

19 LBC at the top

2 Squats at the bottom

Continue to 1 LBC at the top and 20 Squats at the bottom

Plank for the 6

Mosey to brick planter by baseball press box

1 Minute of AYG – Box Jump or Step-Ups

1 Minute of AYG – Incline Merkin

Mosey around school to courtyard


Flutter Kick IC x 30

American Hammer IC x 20

LBC IC x 20

Grab a block

Thruster x 1

Block Merkin x 2

Thruster x 2

Block Merkin x 4

Continue to Thruster x 5

Merkin x 10

Cash out with Thruster x 10



Announcements – Stomp the Swamp 5K Saturday

Prayer Requests – Injured PAX (Field Goal and SayWhat)