• When: 03/24/15
  • QIC: Ginger
  • The PAX: Catheter, Chandler, Say What?!, Thumbs Up, Pep talk, Blackout, Tailpipe, Cabana Boy, Pavarotti, Fracture, Floater, Blue Screen, CoPay, Chum, FDIC, Rocking Chair, Buttermaker, Freon, Blindside, Permit, Clapper, Detour, Microchip, Lollipop, Double Dribble, Booster, Ginger

Sweet 16 Bracket Trivia @ Crypt

22 faithful poured into #Crypt this morning for one of several reasons.  Some came to share P200 war stories.  Some came for the 2nd F.  Some came to sing the praises of their bracket.  Some came to get in on ordering a really cool shirt (#shamelessF3plug).
Regardless of motivation, everyone got their bracket busted by the end of it.  This is YHC’s favorite Q to share & the Pax did not disappoint.  Wisdom for whomever jumped @ UCLA (11 seed) early.  Better 55 merkins than 55 burpees.  Nice work by all!

Conditions: 49 & clear.

The Thang:
Mosey to thistle field (I’ve been told Crypt doesn’t use it much anymore….what a shame.  Such lovely landscaping…)
COP (all IC)
SSH 20
IW 20
LAC (10 + 10)
Windmill 20
Squat 20

Mosey to crosswalk for Sweet 16 Bracket Challenge
Each region has a new active & resting exercise.  Reps based on the seed of the team named.  We do the resting exercise until the next team is named.  After the reps, a circuit run is done, with the resting exercise until the 6 arrives.

Merkins = crosswalk to top of cemetery hill (down & back)
LBCs = parking lot row (down & back)
Squats = circle drive by front of school
Burpees = SSFOD (down & back in COMPLETE GLOOM)

Here’s how it went down:

Order Team Seed x5
1 NC State 8 40 Merkins
2 UCLA 11 55  Merkins
3 Kentucky 1 5  Merkins
4 Duke 1 5  Merkins
5 Wichita State 7 35 LBC’s
6 Michigan State 7 35  LBC’s
7 Xavier 6 30  LBC’s
8 Notre Dame 3 15  LBC’s
9 North Carolina 4 20 Squats
10 Louisville 4 20  Squats
11 Oklahoma 3 15  Squats
12 West Virginia 5 25  Squats
13 Arizona 2 10 Burpees
14 Utah 5 25  Burpees
15 Wisconsin 1 2 (audible to 2x for time)  Burpees
16 Gonzaga 2 4 (audible to 2x for time)  Burpees


  • Any Pax looking for a Mud Run team or wanting to volunteer, hit up Quisenberry.

    Prayer Requests:

  • Praise! Blindside’s friend’s non-cancerous lump on lymph node
  • Thumbs Up’s previous prayers for Barbara Bice.  She passed recently
  • Pavarotti’s brother-in-law’s dad Brady Parker quadruple bypass surgery
  • CoPay wife’s uncle’s (recovery from stroke)


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