• When: 2018-06-05
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Caboose, Polecat, TnG, Hollywood, Belding, Nub, Urkel, Shankopotamus (R), Defect, W(h)ino, Swayze, Cootie, Aunt Bee, Babe, Happy Trees

Sweatin’ with an Oldie

YHC is thankful for another year of being blessed with the gift of life, love, family, and fellowship. It gets very easy at times to forget just how filled our cups are here and that we should let those cups overfill to the benefit of things other than ourselves. To say we have it easy amidst the real worries of this world is an understatement, yet we may need some of the most spiritual help of all if we should truly be beacons to all mankind. Just random thoughts. Anyhoo, happy birthday to me and also to Puck and that means the PAX received flowing tunnels of love as well as plenty of “gifts” in the 37 price range.


Conditions: “Bee” You “D” Full, especially since “D”efect and Aunt “Bee” rolled back into the gloom. (You know you laughed).




The Q led a wondering mosey stopping three times for 2x 12 rep exercises and 1x 13 rep exercise for 37 lovely reps. Then just for good measure 37 Merkins had to be released.

Next, we moseyed to the practice field for some Tunnel of Love. Missed you Puck, sorry you couldn’t get back just yet.

Mosey to the tip top of Ole’ Smokey for some direction:

At the bottom of Ole Smokey a line of 9 cones were put out. Start at the top of Ole Smokey and perform 12 Squats, 12 LBC’s, and 12 Merkins.

Run to the last cone, 10 Burpees. Run back to the top of Ole’ Smokey and repeat the Squats, LBC’s, and Merkins.

Run to the next to last cone, 9 Burpees. Run back the top and start over again.

Repeat until you reach one burpee on top of Ole’ Smokey, all covered in…sweat. Or until time was called for some MARY.

Circle of Mary    



Prayer Requests: Matlock, SK, Sully, Shank, Wilson

Announcements: June 30th Shawshank Converge to VA Double Down.