• When: 6-19-18
  • QIC: Postal
  • The PAX: Tardy, Hostel, Bar crawl, rook, tooltime, rename, cream cheese, Deebo, giggity, rumblestrip,

Swaety Detention backblast

Today is the summer solstice and it sure felt like the longest workout of  the year! It was tough for YHC but we all made it out fairly soaked and  a little better! Here’s how it went down!

condtions: armpitty

the thang: circle up disclaimer and prayer

Warm up lap around front of school props to the guys who did stridelite and Rumblestrip for posting in a ankle brace. Soon as the running started YHC he second thoughts.

Mosey to back of school ( grass needs cutting Tardy)

20 SSH IC, 10 Slo Mo Merkins IC , 10 TTT IC , 20 forward LBAC IC   20 reverse LBAC IC 20 over head claps IC 

The shoulders were the target today and we nailed em!

Mosey to principal Start at bottom. 

I burpee Bear crawl to first tier 1 merkin Bear crawl to second tier 2 merkins Bear crawl to top 3 merkins Crawl bear down 

Rinse and repeat add one rep

2 burpees at bottom Bear crawl to 5,6,7 Crawl bear down 3 burpees at bottom 

Bear crawl to 8,9,10 Crawl bear  down 

Lap around track  

4 burpees crab crawl to first tier 5 little baby crunches  Tier 2 10 crunches Top tier 15 crunches Crawl bear down   

5 burpees at bottom 

Crab crawl to tier 1  20, 25, 30 Crawl bear down

6 burpees at bottom incrase by 5 on LBC’s 35,40,45

I felt all the gas leave the tank on this last lap but we got through it, and still had enough time finish with  5 sets up super sprints at the front of the school.

hats off to tool time and rename for  pushing through to this point!

Graat work by all!


prayer request. Giggity wife’s friend with brian aneurism

boo Boo back problem

blue Rhino wife friends mom. Surgery.


runvergance for Cheech all ao’s closed Wednesday 6-20 1 year anniversary


Detention devo 

“The backslider in heart will be filled with his own ways, But a good man will be satisfied from above.”

Proverbs 14:14

This verse hit me as I was reading proverbs and it was very simple yet deep.

 And what it really said to me is where I was satisfied. 

A backslider is satisfied in his ways. What he does or what brings fulfillment,

The righteous are satisfied from above

The question for me was have I been. Will I Be satisfied from above 

Where does my satisfaction find its source?

My challenge to you is this also simple verse,

Seek first the kingdom of God and And His righteousness and all these other things will be added