• When: 2018-05-19
  • QIC: Deadstick
  • The PAX: Dirty Bird (R), Chum (R), Grease Monkey (R)

Stroll Around The Campus

Conditions: Cloudy and a balmy 70 degrees with a chance of rain.

The Thang:

No FNG’s

Warmup – (15 reps each IC)

Through the Tunnel, FE, clap in the back version
Windmill, with a little twerk if desired
Side Straddle Hop

Campus Stroll

A walk around the campus, down to the tennis courts, through the parking lot, over the bridge, back to the front of the school, then back to the block pile and flag, stopping every tenth of a mile to do a little exercise. Ended up being 1.5 miles with perfect timing to the flag.

0.1 Mile – Little Baby Arm Circles (50 EW) (Dirty Bird wanted more than 10, so YHC gave him more)
0.2 Mile – Monkey Humpers – (10 IC)
0.3 Mile – Merkins – (10 IC)
0.4 Mile – LBC’s (10 IC) (I always have trouble calling cadence with these)
0.5 Mile – Squats (10 IC)
0.6 Mile – Flutter Kicks (10 IC)
0.7 Mile – Imperial Walker – (10 IC)
0.8 Mile – Freddy Mercury – (10 IC)
0.9 Mile – Big Boy Situps (10 IC)
1.0 Mile – American Hammer (10 IC)
1.1 Mile – Hillbillies (10 IC)
1.2 Mile – Air Squared (10 IC)
1.3 Mile – Boxcutter (10 IC)
1.4 Mile – Inverted Superman (68 Sec) (Jaws, in your honor, but you missed it!)
Stroll to the block pile and put up blocks, then stroll back to the flag
1.5 Mile – Arnold Fondas (10 IC)



Quiet day, no announcements
Prayer Requests:
Tinkle’s son and family
Dirty Bird’s friend with prostate cancer, moved to liver
Dirty Bird’s extended family

Pledge of Allegiance
Lord’s Prayer