• When: 2017-10-19
  • QIC: Scotch
  • The PAX: Wee Wee, Escobar, Pole Dance, Forrest, Cramps, Joust, Bambi, Long Haul, Net Zero, Ravens, Stella, Abner, Geek Squad, Rec

Striding around Surge

It was YHC’s first Q at Surge.  The morning started out with 4 pax pushing a few miles on a not so easy stridelite route.  YHC was pulled through by Wee Wee, Escobar, and Net Zero…not one of those 3 are slouches.  At 5:15, 11 more Pax were waiting and ready for a beatdown.  Pretty sure all pax would agree that YHC isnt very creative.

Weather:  46 degrees, perfect


Here is what we did:

Mosey to grass area by the school and circle up.

TTT x10 IC

Merkins x10 IC

Squats x10 IC

Count off by 2.

Team 1 runs around the oval drive of the parking lot.

Team 2 mountain climbers the whole time

flap jack

Team 1 runs

Team 2 BBSU

flap jack

Team 1 runs

Team 2 squats

flap jack

Team 1 runs

Team 2 planks

flap jack

Team 1 runs

Team 2 V-ups (Scotch favorite)

flap jack

All pax mosey around the parking lot stopping at every light for 10 merkins.  Maybe 15 lights?  Who cares.

Stop at straightaway in front of the school where there are 3 light poles

Team 1 sprint to the first light pole and then peel off and mosey back to starting line.  Team 2 follows.

Team 1 sprint to the 2nd light pole (pushing the pace) and peel off.  Mosey back to starting line.  Team 2 follows.

Team 1 sprint to the 3rd light pole (really pushing the pace) and wait for team 2 to arrive.

Rinse and repeat to get back to the other side.  1, 2, and then 3 light poles of sprints.

***pax started to stride pretty hard to challenge each other.  YHC made note that the new AO The Bounty is great for speed work***

All pax mosey back around the parking lot, this time 10 squats per light.  Took the long way of course.

Finish up with some “ab work”.

  • BBSU
  • flutter kicks
  • 5 v-ups

Great group of men out there today.  Everyone got after it and hopefully got better.  Thank you for letting YHC lead today.


Cheech 10k on November 11th.

Christmas Party 12/15


Katniss rucking in the mountains