• When: 03/17/15
  • QIC: Shake N Bake and Itchy (VQ)
  • The PAX: Good Hands, Tarasi, Tumbler, House, Spackle, Fast Casual, Ranger, Floppy Disk, Dandilion, Closer, Cream Cheese, Digger, Rebar, Bulldog, Dance Machine, FNG Crack (Jon Cochran), Whisper, Netflix, FNG Sinkhole (Patrick Stenson), Weekend Special, Utah, Long Haul, Short Haul, Booby-Trap, Shades of Grey, Turf Toe, Stella, Toe Ring, Potluck, Itchy, Shake N' Bake

St. Patrick’s Day Party

Submitted By Floppy Disk on behalf of Shake N Bake

31 Pax (including 2 FNGs) posted at the Graveyard on a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day morning to find not one Q, but 2 Qs. With that many rowdy Pax, it took 2 Qs to keep them all in line. “Itchy” (performing his honorable VQ) started the Pax off with a prayer and then tok them down to the lovely St Patrick’s Day green astro turf of the River Bluff HS football stadium. Shake N’ Bake tagged along as a Co-Q for the morning festivities.

Conditions: Mid 50’s – Perfect for a CoQ
The Thang:

SSH x 31
Gorilla Squats x 24
LBCs x 21
Merkins x 20

The Pax then headed to the goal line for a little something “Itchy” came up with called the “Burpee Death March”

9 burpees at the goal line, sprint to near 25
8 burpees at the 25 yard line, sprint to the 50
7 burpees at the 50 yard line, sprint to the far 25
6 burpees at the far 25 yard line, sprint to the far goal line
5 burpees at the far goal line,
Bear Crawl back to the far 25 yard line for 4 burpees
Bear Crawl to the 50 for 3 burpees
Bear Crawl to the near 25 yard line for 2 burpees
Bear Crawl to the goal line for 1 burpee

The Pax got a recovery in the form of “Wall Sits”. During the wall sits, the Pax started to regain their strength and the mumble chatter began.

To quite the rowdy Pax back down, “Itchy” treated them to some suicide runs from sideline, to hash mark, to hash mark, to sideline.

Back in the center big circle, the Pax enjoyed some:
Rocket Jacks
Flutter Kicks
Slow Countdown Merkins
Moutain Climbers

The Pax then formed 2 Tunnel of Love lines and did an “over/under” version from goal line to goal line, followed by a 100 yard sprint back to where they started.

The workout closed with several Pax including Spackle, Utah and Weekend Special calling out their favorite exercises in Dealer’s Choice.

Contact “No Show” for Mud Run entries
P200 is this weekend
To get the rest of the announcements, show up next time at the Graveyard at 5:30am


Jon Cochran > Owns concrete staining company > Crack

Patrick Stenson > DOT road widening > Sinkhole

Devotional/Prayer (Shake N’ Bake)

Philippians 4:13
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Let us all remember that we are not alone in trying to tackle what might seem impossible. When things seem to tough to handle, partner with God. He will always be there for you. Some people like to say that God will never give you more than you can handle. I tend to disagree. I think that God will never give you more than you and God can handle together. With Him by your side and in your life, anything is possible.

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