• When: 2019-02-26
  • QIC: Rocking Chair
  • The PAX: Spackle-R, Postal, FNG - Forrest Burks, Hot-4-Teacher, Joe Pa, Breaker-Breaker-R, Nature Boy-R, Toe Ring, Hopper-R, Mid Range-R, Head and Shoulders, Bulldog, Rocking Chair-R, The Brown Out, Giggety, Netflix.


So…YHC saw a shout out for help from S.O.G., who is currently down range and up the creek without a Q, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to lead the Graveyard Pax.  As it turned out my brother Training Wheels was on Q at Crypt and the overlapping times of the workouts lent themselves to combining the paxii to emphasize the workout message. (And it hadn’t been done in a while with these 2 pax either…)  and so we began…

1 minute warning, Intro., Disclaimer, check for FNG’s (there’s one! yay! welcome Solar!), BOM

100 yard run to warm up a little, circle up, SSHX15 IC, TTTx 15 IC, Mosey some more, circle up LB arm circles front and back , IC x 15, OH claps x 15, IC.

Mosey over to the Reaper Hill to begin the SOUL of a Team (by Tony Dungy) based workout.

First letter of Soul  “S”  for Selflessness.  Be willing to give up your own interests for the Team.

SPRINTS:  full speed to the 2nd street light. Who won?  this time winner starts after the rest of the Pax repeated 5 times.  Each time winners start behind Pax finishes closer and closer together and ends up encouraging each other to keep going.

2nd letter “O”- OWNERSHIP    Own your role on the Team.

Over There: 4 Corners: Alternating burpees and Merkins Keep going and encourage the 6…..<<<<< TIME OUT>>>>>The crypt Pax arrives at the bottom of the hill.

3rd Letter “U”  UNITY  Everyone is on the same page, working toward the same goal.

UPHILL:  Lock arms (Intermingled paxii brothers) and all Lunge walk, in unison to the first set of lights. Next, all karaoke to the middle and then reverse, again lock step backwards to the next set of lights, then sprint to the top. winners come back for the 6.

4th letter: “L”  Larger Purpose It’s the WHY that motivates the Team and the most significant Letter in SOUL.

20 StepUps, 20 squats, 20 Bobbie Hurley’s , first finishers come back and help the 6.

At this point the 2 paxii split out and Graveyard Pax Indian ran back to the virtual flag with a few stops for misc. exercises along the way.

Circle up, count a ranma , name a rama,

Announcements: 5 year Lexington Convergence this Saturday at Graveyard at 6:30. BE THERE.  P-200 coming soon better run some.

Prayer Requests; Blind Side’s daughter and family, the Wells family, unspoken.

FNG: Forrest Burks, works for , now Dominion, likes outdoors hunting , fishing stuff… Daisy, awkward silence, more silence, then SOLAR.  Soler it is!  Welcome Brother Solar!

Thanks for having me brothers and for indulging a couple of old guys, Training Wheels and YHC.