• When: 2017-09-07
  • QIC: Katniss
  • The PAX: Pippy, Brainiac, Emmy, Honeybun(R), Kazoo, Steamer, Hobby Lobby, Finch, Icarus, 6ft under, Harp, Ralphie, Peanut, Kukoc, Ebert, Deadstick(R), Katniss(Q),

Sons of Benches….

***posted on behalf of Katniss***

Conditions: Perfect Gloom, cool ,foggy and moist(TM).



This was only YHC’s 2nd Q since my F3 awakening back in January.  To be honest, trying to challenge men in better shape than YHC has been a daunting task.  Self doubt easily creeps into my head.  These men have made me stronger and given me their all when they Q so what the heck.  With talk of opening new AO’s due to growth I wanted to get in another Q before I may attend another AO.  Snakepit and it’s PAX will always have a special place in my heart.  It’s kinda like that movie “The Sandlot” -a bonding of “boys” in a special place even at this later time in our lives, but as we grow(up), we have to expand into the world and hope that what we have learned we can pass on to others and the cycle continues. I can only imagine us in later years sitting in wheelchairs in a nursing home doing flutter kicks in our heads and listening to the young men on staff talk about this “new” “workout group” they just became a part of. The legacy we could leave depends on each one of us. And if we do our job effectively the F’s will all fall into place for the next generation.

The Thang:

Shake it up with no warm up.

Start with an indian run(ruckers not happy) with PAX at 6 doing 3 ssh ic then running to front. Around parking lot and down the big boy stairs . To the brick pile for 2 bricks of your choice.

Mosey to the bleachers/bench seats at center field.

Bulgarian split squats bricks, Bulgarian hip hinges bricks, hip thrusts incline /decline . 20 each leg then proceed to bear crawl.

Bear crawl up sandy hill,go to middle section over stands,

50 total BBSU hands behind head. Crab walk down opposite stairs to stands.

Return to stands by lunge walking up ramp.

Dips, incline/decline merkins, uneven merkins-switch after 15 . 30 reps each ex…..

Bear crawl up hill,go to middle section over stands and…

Plank hydraulics 40 total 4 ct ic.

Crab walk down other stairs to stands.

Lunge walk ramp to stands.

PAX lay down on narrow bleachers. Keep balance so you don’t fall off sides. Iron(aluminum )crosses hands holding benches behind head with legs extended ,keep hands behind head holding benches and perform lower body crunches, box cutters holding bench behind head, flutter kicks 30 reps each ex.

Put bricks up and up the bbs to flag.

PAX finishing1st circle up for PAX choice of exercises 20 to 25 reps : merkins , burpees, merican hammer, etc. until time.

Didn’t have time for wall work or big tire section. Wish YHC had not moved all the tractor tires onto the small field the night before.



2 Timothy 1 13-14.

Adapt to change / challenges from sound teaching by men of God and through faith in Jesus and with help from the Holy Spirit.

13 What you heard from me, keep as the pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ Jesus.

14 Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you—guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.

Timothy was in a time of transition. He had been Paul’s helper and soon he would be on his own as a leader of a church in a difficult environment. Although his responsibilities were changing. Timothy was not without help. He had everything he needed to face the future. As long as he would hold on tightly to the Lord’s resources. When we are facing difficult transitions it is good to follow Paul’s advice to Timothy and look back at our experiences. Who is the foundation of your faith? How can you build on that Foundation? What gifts has the Holy Spirit given you? Use these gifts you have already been given.

What I have learned from the PAX at Snakepit I can take with me to a new AO location. I will go and share with others the way you guys have made me feel welcome. I want to share the ways you have challenged me and encouraged me.

Not unlike planting a new church we plant AOs. These places hopefully will represent all 3 F’s effectively and continue to grow. With faith in our God and mindful prayer we will do these things in His name.

With love for my brothers,



9/9 – Jumanji 3 yr, TP will converge there this Saturday

Whiskers4Wheels: See ThumbsUp for Details9/15 –

Tunnels to Tower9/16 –

Dam 10k Run9/16

Cheech 10k

Speed for need at Go Leo Go5k Oct 28th Saluda Shoals.

Keep eye on storm as Snakepit may be used as shelter next week as storm pushes through.



Irma coming, etc…

Snake Handler BRR and all runners

Kukoc, Kid Sister military call up

6 ft cont. recovery

Honeybuns Ms recovery

Emmys sister in law health, marriage , baby.

Kukoc wifes grandfather health issues.

Peanut speeds away on one wheel as we lift up prayers…Peanut injury free.

Katniss – marriage, kids, father, changing AO possibly even to Rocky Creek.

Hobokens injury/pain