• When: 2017-09-08
  • The PAX: PYT, Teacher's Pet, Grout, Fast Casual, Hemmingway, Cueso, Whisper, Wapner, Boo, Bulldog

Reaper-Spooky Trail

Conditions:  Crisp, Cool, 58 degrees with a Full Moon…..and Grout pulling an Elvis

The Thang:  Spooky Trail, .29 mile trail of fun with Merkins and LBC stations along the way.  Go for 45 minutes

The contestants:

Whisper, Fast Casual, Bulldog, Boo:  Couch to 10K training

PYT:  selection training

Wapner:  Wander Rucking

Cueso:  strangely following PYT

Teacher’s Pet & Hemmingway:  From another planet


Jumanji 3-year anniversary tomorrow morning at 6:30

Tunnel to Towers 5K next Friday evening

Flanagan 10k 11-11-17

Prayer Requests:


The People of Houston

States in the path of Hurricane Irma

BRR boys