• When: 2019-08-13
  • QIC: Short Haul
  • The PAX: Boo Boo, Rumble Strip, Blue Rhino, Caravan, Cream Cheese, Adluh, Danica, Short Haul


YHC came flying in on two wheels to SL this morning, but the PAX were willing to wait, so thanks for that. The rest of the Q went pretty smooth, though some things are better left on paper, as we all discovered. It’s worth noting that maaaany of the Detainees were MIA this morning, YHC is gonna go ahead and assume ya’ll were scared off by real work. If you’re injured, you get a pass, if not, YHC hopes you posted somewhere. Can’t get better without getting out of bed!

#TCLAPs to Blue Rhino and Adluh for setting PR’s this past weekend in the 5k while prepping for STS.

#TCLAPs to Boo Boo for putting in work; training for a marathon in October!

Conditions: 77 degrees. Humidity: Life-jackets required.


The Thang —

Slaughter Starter, 20 Burpees OYO
Mosey to blacktop

Merkins x10 IC
SSH x10 IC
Merkins x8 IC
TTT x10 IC
Merkins x6 IC
IW x10 IC
Merkins x4 IC
Squat x10 IC
Merkins x2 IC

Mosey to block pile, grab a block and head back to Blacktop

Line up on one side, merkin / shoulder press ladder:
1 merkin, 4 press
2 merkin, 8 press
3 merkin, 12 press
4 merkin, 16 press
5 merkin, 20 press
6 merkin, 24 press
7 merkin, 28 press

The PAX must be commended for their work at this point; that ladder is hard on normal days, but in the muggy swamp that is West Columbia this time of year, this morning’s effort was nothing short of miraculous. Good work!!

Ab break
Take block into one hand, side crunches x16
switch hands, slowsey to other side of blacktop, keeping core tight and straight. Side crunches on new side, switch hands, mosey back

Ab torture
FK x5IC, hold feet up, IC x10 IC repeat 3x without dropping feet

Arm Ladder
1squat thruster, 2 tricep extensions, 4 curls for the girls
up to…
6, 12, 24

At the top we jumped halfway to 3, 6, 12, and then back to 1, 2, 4.

Take block into one hand, slowsy to middle of blacktop, keeping core tight and straight. Side crunches x8; switch hands, walk to end of BT, 8 more side crunches

Return blocks, return to flag

Announcements —
Stomp the Swamp to support RBHS CC — 8/24/19 — Sign up link, discount code F3RBXC, more info here
Jailbreak escape, 8/24/19
F3 Detention D2D and P200 Relay teams, message BooBoo if you’re interested in joining up to do one of these CSAUPs

Prayer Requests —
The kids and staff returning to school; prayed for more men to be opened up to the idea of mentoring a child at one of our local schools

Devo — YHC forgot to share this morning, and now can’t find the devo that was prepped. Will do better next time, and will post once the lost devo is recovered. Sincere Apologies men; it’s a core part of what we do.