• When: 2018-11-29
  • QIC: Swayze
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, Puck, Wino, Belding, Shank, Nub, Pole Cat, Pull Out, Caboose, Hollywood, Urkel

Socks! Socks! Socks!

All it took was our favorite politician to send out some encouraging tweets and BAM!!!! We are making Smokehouse great again! It was a chilly 28 degrees and YHC figured it was a good idea to bring the music and try to keep everyone warm and motivated. It was good to see Caboose back out in the gloom, either he’s been coming or I haven’t. It’s also the most wonderful time of the year: The return of Belding’s Tube Socks! I didn’t even know one of the PAX was there because his car is so quiet and he usually is complaining. Some may think I was talking about Matlock but it was actually Urkel.  We started the boot camp with the COP and continued to this:

40 SSH, 20 LBC forward and Reverse and then 15 windmills! We then all mosied to the step going up to the high school and I started playing Wino’s Christmas Playlist! We partnered up with another pax and did the following: While one Pax was doing the exercise, the other ran around the gymnasium. As a team we did the following:

100 Merkins

25 Burpees

200 Big Boy sit ups

25 burpees

300 american hammers

25 burpees

400 air squats

25 burpees and at that point time was called.

We mosied/walked back to the shovel flag and did the counting of the Pax and Name O Rama.


Batesburg Leesville Christmas Parade this Sunday

Wino’s 2nd annual Christmas Party Next Friday at 6 pm on December 6. BYOB and bring a dish.

December 6 also Batesburg Leesville Town Christmas Lighting

Prayer Request

Buddy Hall’s family

Belding’s Niece getting Married

Stay Puff’s hernia/pregnancy

After the COP our AOQ  Happy Trees led us in a very inspiration Devo along with many Pax sharing their perspective. Was a good thing for everyone to give their opinions of what F3 means to them.