• When: 2018-11-29
  • QIC: Sled
  • The PAX: Ripcord, Ball Boy, Dry Heave, Coffeeshop, Sled

Score plays light pole tag

After Neighbor had to leave town last night, YHC volunteered to take his spot as the Q for Score.  Five guys showed up on a cold, brisk morning, including CoffeeShop, who we haven’t seen in a while.  Good to have him back with us.  The goal was to keep the guys warm … mission accomplished.

Condition: 29 degrees

The Thang:

Jog to the side of Shandon Methodist Church and circle up:

YHC asked Ripcord to lead us in some stretching exercises, as no one needs to be injured, and Ripper is the best at protecting those muscle injuries.  Below are the exercises called by Ripcord:

Side Straddle Hop x25 IC (this was followed by leg stretches)

Merkins x10 OYO (this was followed by arm stretches)

Plank jacks x20 IC (this was followed by core stretches)

YHC then took over and called the following:

Little Baby Arm Circles x25 IC front, followed by 25 IC back

Russian Twist x20 IC


Leave Shandon and mosey to Cassina, lunge walk half way and jog the rest of the way to the stop sign at Albion, and circle up.

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire was explained: Everyone bear crawls around the circle until YHC said stop. At that point, everyone planks, and the first guy does 10 merkins. YHC then said go, and the Bear Crawl continued until YHC said stop again and the next guy does 10 merkins while everyone planked. This went on until all PAX had a chance to do 10 merkins.

Prisoner squats x20 IC

Raise the Roof x20 IC

The light pole tag was explained:

There are three light poles between Albion and Heathwood Circle on Cassina. At each light pole, do the following: 10 Big Boy situps, 10 merkins, 10 squats.  At the second and third poles, change the merkins to wide arm and then diamond merkins.  Jog back and repeat each set at each light pole, and then plank until all are done.

There are four light poles between Cassina and Devereaux on Albion. At each light pole, do the following: 10 Big Boy situps, 10 plank jacks, 10 jump squats.  Repeat each set on the way back, and plank until all are done.


Jog back to Adger.  There are four lights poles between Cassina and the end of the fence at Dreher, so do 5 Big Boy situps, 5 Carolina Dry Docks, and 5 squats at each one.

Jog back to the Hollywood Squares and do the following while waiting for the Brickpile guys:

Dips x 15 IC


COT: With Brickpile guys. Great work by all.