• When: 2018-11-29
  • QIC: Ochocinco
  • The PAX: Columbo, Pole Position, Glow Rod

My 3 Years of F3

Today was my 3 Year anniversary with F3. I have to thank my my brother for getting me into this amazing group of men. In the beginning, my brother Overage (Brad), kept asking me to come to a work out but I always had an excuse. I used the “Its too far away” or “Its too early” the standard go to’s. He ended up pulling up the F3 app on thanksgiving 3 years ago and said “Dude, you live like 1.5 miles from Jumanji”. I had no more outs at that point and decided to go. I went the following Tuesday and got through my first workout. Everyone was nice and not sure if I was still asleep but I liked it. They ended up naming me “Ochocinco” since I was from Cincinnati (Bengals/Chad Johnson). I thought it was weird at first but have since embraced the “Inner Ocho”. This F3 thing has been enough to get me out of bed and working out for the last three years. First for bootcamp at Jumanji and eventually run group at Stampede. The role models, mentors, and friends I’ve met over the years have really had a positive impact on my life and has helped me become a better person, a husband, and a leader. So thank you everyone, F3.

Conditions: 27 degrees and clear.

The Thang:
Warmup lap around the parking lot and circled up at the shovel flag.
Side Straddle Hops 15x
Hill Billies 15x
LBAC 15x
Windmills 15x
Plank / Right arm up / Left arm up / Right Leg up/ Left Leg Up

Piece of the Pie:
3 Laps around the front baseball diamond with “Pain Stations” at each point .
1st Round
Burpees 10x
Squats 10x
Merkins 10x

2nd Round
Side Saddle Hops 10x
Sumo Squats 10x
Lunges 10x (5 each leg)

3nd Round
Burpees 10x
Squats 10x
Diamond Merkins 10x

Finished out with some Mary.

Announcements: Ugly Xmas Sweater Saturday, December 15th, Jumanji xmas dinner Tuesday, December 18th at Kingsman 530pm, F3 Lex X party Friday, December 14th from 6:30pm-11:00pm Saluda River Club’s Chickawa Outdoor Center. Address is 629 Bimini Twist Circle, Lexington 29072 (off Corley Mill Road)

Prayers for Tuff Guy