• When: 2019-01-12
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Hemingway, Brick, Milli Vanilli, Wingback, Breakfast Club, Rocking Chair, Buzzsaw, Ken Doll

Smokefest at Cryptonite

Rule of thumb for Qing a regular F3 bootcamp is: Make it challenging but not so challenging a man of a reasonable fitness level can’t do it.

Rule of thumb for Qing Cryptonite: There are no rules (save F3’s 5 core principles). It better be challenging for even the most fit among us.

When Wingback, Hemingway, Milli Vanilli, Rocking Chair, Buzzsaw, Brick, & Breakfast Club post for a challenge, you better give it to them. It’s actually quite simple. Give these guys heavy equipment and hard exercises and make it AMRAP. They’ll wear themselves out.

We were all worn out after an hour of the madness detailed below.

Conditions: 33 degrees

The Thang:


Take off for mosey around campus to explain route between sets

Back to the outdoor gym for some work

Complete rotation of the following exercises & take an approx. 1 mile loop around campus (all OYO). The goal was to complete 3 sets.

1) Dips x 10
2) Heavy Ropes (Alternating wave) x 20 each arm
3) Knee Ups x 10
4) Heavy Ropes (Double Wave) x 20
5) Dips x 10
6) Pull Ups x 5 (sorry, Uncle Ron…we’ll do 10 next time)
7) Box Jumps x 20
8) Tire Flips x 10 (choose wisely…one of those suckers was a lot heavier than the other)
9) Plank Walk Merkins (on agility ladder, travel up and down the ladder)
10) 1 mile loop



Devo: Isaiah 40:31 “But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and faint”

Prayer Requests:
-Wingback’s MIL (cancer)
-Buzzsaw’s SIL (cancer)
-Rocking Chair’s M (traveling this week)
-Wells family and FiA

-Most of the pax got 4+ miles in this bootcamp. Pretty good for a bootcamp. Would’ve gotten a lot more if not for all that tire flipping and rope work.
-Wingback, of course, led the way. Animal.
-Can’t believe YHC forgot the tunes until about 45 minutes into it. Between this and not giving Uncle Ron enough pull ups, the elusive perfect Q was not achieved.
-Tclaps to Brick and Hemingway for running Stridelite

-New running AO guidelines
-Need mentors. Ask YHC for details
-Juice is leading an accountability group for reading the Bible in 2019. Not too late to get in. Ask YHC for details.
-2/2: MGC Long Run
-2/16: Dam to Dam Relay: www.damtodamrelay.com